WordPress News Digest for Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Layout Injector

By / — What if you wanted to add Divi sections, rows, or modules to more locations on your website, such as above the header or below the footer, or even above or below the content, and then make the locations themselves global… More →

How To Create a Sales Funnel with Your Online Store’s Blog – BobWP

By / — Can your blog be a sales funnel that helps you bring in more customers? Yes, and here’s how. More →

How to Protect Your SEO Rankings When Migrating Content to a New Domain

By / — It’s always scary to migrate your WordPress site. But it’s doubly worrisome when you throw changing your domain name into the mix. You put all that time and effort into building your site’s SEO ranking. Now, you’re naturally worried about… More →

VueJS CRUD: Instantiate Application

By / — The main.js is the import file for webpack so this is the file that we need to bootstrap the application from. First we need to import Vue which is simply… More →