WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 20, 2014

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5 Ways To Track Social Media Metrics Right From The WordPress Dashboard

By / — Why do we love MailPoet? You are right. This post is not about MailPoet. (But you can read one here) Now getting back with the answer to the question. We love MailPoet because it brings the ease of sending newsletters… More →

Adding a Class to Every nth Post

By / — A project I was working on recently had a series of sections on a page. They ran in 3’s in that the 1st, 4th, 7th and so on and the 2nd, 5th, 8th (you get the idea!) were styled the… More →

Behind the Woo: Creating The Ultimate Business Building Toolkit

By / — A talk at WordSesh 2014 about WooThemes' history of building the ultimate business building toolkit. The post Behind the Woo: Creating The Ultimate Business Building Toolkit appeared first on Matty Cohen. Follow Matty on Twitter. More →

Dashicons in WordPress 4.1

By / — WordPress 4.1 includes 20 new fresh and clean icons. Thanks to @liljimmi, @melchoyce and @empireoflight. Media Icons Icon CSS Class Code dashicons-controls-play f522 dashicons-controls-pause f523 dashicons-controls-forward f519 dashicons-controls-skipforward f517 dashicons-controls-back f518 dashicons-controls-skipback f516 dashicons-controls-repeat f515 dashicons-controls-volumeon f521 dashicons-controls-volumeoff f520 Posts… More →

How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In WordPress

By / — It’s one of a website owner’s worst fears. You type in your website’s URL… but what greets you isn’t your familiar home page. Instead, it’s a blank screen. No matter what link you try, everything’s missing, except for the ominous… More →

How to Use a WordPress Shortcode Outside the Post Editor

By / — Shortcodes in WordPress are amazing. They are essentially macros that allow you to place content anywhere on your site. For example, instead of inserting a whole bunch of images to create a gallery, you simply use the shortcode [ gallery ].… More →

My face in 3D

By / — I spent an evening hanging out with the Coding Amigo's, a code hacking group in Berlin. One of the members made a 3D scan of my face. The post My face in 3D appeared first on Ryan Hellyer. More →

Nulis: A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme with a Unique Twist

By / — Nulis is one of the most unique designs to land in the WordPress Themes Directory this year. At first glance, you might think the theme is rather plain. The screenshot on the theme’s description page doesn’t indicate anything interesting going… More →