WordPress News Digest for Sunday, December 20, 2015

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10 Free Versions of Popular Premium Plugins You Can Try Today

By / — With thousands of free and commercial plugins available for your self-hosted WordPress website, its often difficult to know which ones will offer an essential upgrade for your site and which ones just look like they would. Every website, blog, or e-commerce… More →

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

By / — Image galleries are a powerful and often overlooked piece of core WordPress functionality. Here's a recap the basic built-in options and a look at some straightforward ways to take your galleries to the next level. More →

The Future of Cryptography with Quantum Computing

By / — Here is an excellent presentation by Professor Andris Ambainis (@aambainis) on the aspects of cryptography and encryption in the future with quantum computers: The main issues are with the asymmetric public key cryptography and the way quantum computing is good at factorization and… More →

Wapuu’s History

By / — Curious about what the famous Wapuu character came from, and the alternative designs for it? The Wapuu Fan Club has a great write-up of the origins of Wapuu, much of which I had actually forgotten already even though I was… More →