WordPress News Digest for Saturday, January 21, 2017

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How To Disable Auto WordPress Responsive Images

By / — As of 4.4 WordPress will automatically add the srcset attribute to the images in your content. The srcset attribute allows you to define different images to use at different viewport… More →

How to Add a Floating About Card to Your Divi Site with the Divi Code Module

By / — Hey Divi Nation, I’m happy to be back with another pen you can add to your Divi website using the Divi Code Module. This time I’ve created a floating about card that displays your image, name, title, description, and a… More →

A Super Quick Guide to Writing Proposals for WordPress Projects

By / — Flash proposals – we’ve all sent them. You know, when a potential client wants the next steps, more details, a quote, or maybe even a proposal … and you rush to crank out an email that – you think –… More →

Gravity Forms – A Detailed Look at the Personal Edition

By / — Gravity Forms from Rocket Genius is a powerful tool for creating simple or advanced forms for WordPress. It’s a premium plugin that lets you easily create and manage forms, even adding conditions and styling, creating multiple pages, limiting entries, and… More →

WordPress Shortcode To Display Logged In Author Posts

By / — In this tutorial we're going to build a WordPress shortcode that will allow us to only show the posts of the logged in user. This is useful if you have… More →

What Is a WordPress Child Theme and Do I Need One?

By / — Here’s a nightmare scenario that keeps too many WordPress site owners from properly maintaining their websites: You log in to your WordPress dashboard and notice that an update is available for your theme. You know that updates are good and… More →

How To Make a WordPress Child Theme

By / — Do you have the itch to turn your WordPress theme into something unique? If so, there’ one important step you must take before you get started. Make a child theme first. Doing so will ensure that your hard work doesn’t… More →

Wix Removes GPL-Licensed WordPress Code from Mobile App, Forks Original MIT Library

By / — In October 2016, Matt Mullenweg called out Wix for using GPL-licensed code from the WordPress mobile app and distributing it in its proprietary app. After identifying a path for Wix to comply with the license, Mullenweg confirmed he would be… More →