WordPress News Digest for Friday, April 21, 2017

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Smush Wins Torque’s 2017 Plugin Madness Competition!

By / — Our Smush image compression and optimization plugin has been named Torque’s 2017 Plugin Madness champion! Smush took on WordFence in the final championship round of the annual competition, knocking out the security plugin after winning 69% of the votes. Torque Managing… More →

HeroPress Partners With WPShout to Offer WordPress Education Scholarships

By / — HeroPress has teamed up with Alex Denning, Fred Meyer, and David Hayes of WPShout to offer 10 copies of Up and Running Second Edition at the deluxe tier. The deluxe tier is valued at $249 and includes everything the course… More →

Ask Yoast case study: SEO of an online shop

By / — SEO can be really complicated! How do you start with improving the structure of a site? How do you write amazing and SEO-friendly articles? To help all of you with your SEO strategy, I’m writing a series of Ask Yoast case studies.… More →

The Best of WordPress Author Box Plugins (Free & Premium)

By / — WordPress author box plugins help you to add author biographies to your content easily, so you can build lasting personal… The post The Best of WordPress Author Box Plugins (Free & Premium) appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Ask Sucuri: What is the Principle of Least Privilege?

By / — If you own a website and collaborate with others, the principle of least privilege should never be questioned. It is a computer science principle which has applications and benefits to strengthen your website security posture. This principle is about: Using… More →

Checathlon: A Free WordPress Business Theme with Support for Easy Digital Downloads

By / — Checathlon is new business theme on WordPress.org that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Easy Digital Downloads. The name is a combination of the words checkout and decathlon, according to its creator Sami Keijonen. Checathlon combines elegant typography with a… More →

“Follow Your Joy!” with Kathy Kroll Romana – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 41

By / — Hey Divi Nation! We’re back this week with a great show featuring Kathy Kroll Romana. Kathy is and has been an active community member in many of the Divi Facebook groups, attendee of Divi Nation Meetups, WordCamps, and of course… More →

EP231 – What keeps you using WordPress?

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we discuss what keeps us using WordPress for the projects that we build. The post EP231 – What keeps you using WordPress? appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

The WordPress Economy, Employment, Strategies, and More with WP-Tonic

By / — I had the pleasure of talking with the WP-Tonic to talk about a variety of things regarding the WordPress economy and more. The WordPress Economy, Employment, Strategies, and More with WP-Tonic was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development,… More →

A Quick and Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Your Business with Facebook Ads

By / — You have to learn how to stand out from the crowd if you want your target market to notice you. Whether your business is a bricks and mortar store, a blog or a large multinational enterprise, understanding how to use… More →

Admin Alerts on Posts

By / — Alerting editors to information in WP Admin makes sure people know what they're doing. The post Admin Alerts on Posts appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

How to Set Up Password Protected Site Areas in WordPress

By / — Need to add password protected areas in WordPress? Sometimes you don’t want to make everything on your site public, and that’s totally ok! A password allows you to restrict access to either your whole site or just specific parts of… More →

Your Blog Post Headline: Ignore It at Your Own Peril – BobWP

By / — So why do professional writers spend so much time on their headlines? It is because they know they are the gateway to their content. More →

24 Best One Page WordPress Themes (2017)

By / — Are you looking for the best one page WordPress themes for your website? Many business websites are using one page themes to create an interactive user experience. In this article, we will show you some of the best one page… More →

Using Social Media Marketing the Most Effective Way for Better Ecommerce Conversion

By / — How you will plan it further depends on the product type, target people, demographics and the habit of people in the area. Not all social platforms are used in all parts of the world. On one hand, the Western world… More →

CSS Double Circle Bounce

By / — This is part of the CSS loader series that show different loaders that can be used in your application to show the user the app is processing and to please… More →

Proposal for Weekly Core JavaScript Chat

By / — In last week’s core dev chat, @rmccue identified a need to coordinate on consistent approaches to common JavaScript requirements. As the projects of this year’s focuses have more heavily leveraged JavaScript, a few specific needs have arisen: Date handling (#39222)… More →