WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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7 Free Shortcode Plugins to Enhance Your Site’s Functionality

By / — Shortcodes are one of the most beloved capabilities of WordPress. There are few things that have the ability to extend a WordPress site’s functionality like a good package of ‘em. Without shortcodes, most users would […] The post 7 Free… More →

A Short To-Do List After Installing WordPress

By / — Whenever I do a new install of WordPress, whether it’s for a client or a demo I am setting up, I take some specific steps almost immediately after the install is done. Depending on how you do your install, some… More →

Accessibility testing of the Twenty Fifteen theme

By / — This week the new theme Twenty Fifteen was placed into trunk, so we could take a look at it. We discussed the issues found in the replies with @davidakennedy‘s post: Time to Test Twenty Fifteen! and in our testing session last… More →

Best WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

By / — Running a website is tough. There are only 24 hours in a day, and tasks can quickly stack up; writing… The post Best WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Compass: A Free Starter Theme for WordPress Built with Hybrid Core, Bourbon, and Neat

By / — The life of a frontend developer has changed a great deal over the past few years, with the introduction of new technologies for authoring CSS and automating tasks. We’re starting to see that trickle down into every new WordPress starter… More →

Creating Dynamic, User-Editable Widgets

By / — Here we’ll cover creating a dynamic widget: one that accepts, formats, and displays user input. Today we’re continuing David’s discussion of widgets from a few weeks ago. In his post, David covered how to make a static widget: one that… More →

Easily Edit a Post or Page Using The Slash Edit Plugin

By / — If you’re not a fan of the admin bar or it’s disabled and you want a shortcut to edit posts in WordPress, you might be interested in a new plugin called Slash Edit. Developed by Ronald Huereca, Slash Edit adds… More →

Getting The Most Out Of The WordPress Post Editor

By / — Chances are that if you’re using WordPress then most of your time within the admin is in the WordPress post/page editor. It is, after all, where all of the content for your site is created. And yet, there are not… More →

How We Are Using Crazy Egg to Radically Improve Our Product Pages

By / — If you’re anything like us, you live or die by your conversion rate, and nowhere can this impact you moreso than on your project pages. There are a number of ways you can go about improving them in WordPress – A/B split testing (especially using… More →

How to Easily Display Team Members in WordPress

By / — While working for a project for a recent client of mine, I needed to create a custom page to display all team members of the organization, complete with their image, position/role and short descriptions. While I can do all this… More →

I would like to have i18n SVN access…

By / — I would like to have i18n SVN access for the Romanian repository and also to be able to validate strings on GlotPress. The Romanian l10n team is inactive and way behind! I’ve contacted them and they just don’t have enough… More →

Image Alt Text vs Image Title in WordPress – What’s the Difference?

By / — A large amount of web content consists of images however not many website owners optimize their images for speed or better search rankings. Even though WordPress comes with the option to add alt text and image title, often beginners do… More →

Image Flow Update 21st October – Wireframe Discussion

By / — We had a good meeting the frames and went over some of the community feedback we’ve received thus far. I’ll list out the basics here, the details are viewable in the video and you can watch the changes on InVision:… More →

Is There Room to Improve Error Logging in WordPress?

By / — I think that one of the best ways to stay current with whatever tools, languages, etc. that you’re working with is to take a look and see what other communities are doing with their tools. For what it’s worth, I… More →

Keyword research tools: which ones to use?

By / — Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about the use of long tail keywords. Focusing on long tail keywords could be a good strategy, especially when trying to rank in a highly competitive market. But how do you decide on which… More →

Managing Your Front-End Build Process in WordPress

By / — In a lot of ways, I’m a front-end developer who happens to work with WordPress. I’m far from an expert on the back-end, but I know my way around. My guess is there are lot […] The post Managing Your… More →

Meeting notes 21st October 2014 Today we talked…

By / — Meeting notes: 21st October 2014 Today we talked about New Reviewers. A reminder to not forget the new default theme Twenty Fifteen needs to be reviewed. We as a team can be really useful and submit patches along with review… More →

Startup Framework Review: A Highly Intuitive WordPress Theme Builder

By / — The Startup Framework by Designmodo is a WordPress theme unlike any other. Once the theme is installed on your site, it gives you one of the easiest ways seen so far of building your own custom website layouts with WordPress.… More →

Team chat agenda for week #43

By / — WCSF is this Saturday! And this will likely be the shortest #wordpress-sfd agenda post ever: Please give this post and this comment a read and discuss. More →

Theme Check plugin improvements

By / — Things are changing a lot for the better around theme reviews. Part of our continued growth has to include the tools we are using. We are lucky enough to have some people in the team who want to work on… More →

There’s a community summit next week after WordCamp…

By / — There’s a community summit next week after WordCamp SF for those who don’t know. During this day we break into small meetings to discuss big picture items. These topics touch the entire community. In this case I’m specifically looking at… More →

Twenty Fifteen Chat Summary October 21

By / — Notes for our first weekly chat about Twenty Fifteen: We started off our office hours for today precisely right on the minute — one hour early. Apologies to anyone who missed the chat time. Maybe we were too eager to… More →

Why You Shouldn’t Use functions.php (And What You Should Do Instead)

By / — I believe people who use WordPress can be separated into three broad camps: Plug and players: WordPress enthusiasts who are probably not experienced website designers and are looking for a turnkey solution. They will find a theme, install it, and probably… More →

WooCommerce 101: Setting Up Shop

By / — Welcome to WooCommerce 101, our video series to guide you through installing and setting up your very own WooCommerce store! In this the first video, we’ll discuss how to install WooCommerce in your site and give you a brief overview so… More →

WordPress Themes for Education: Kindergartens, Schools & Colleges

By / — WordPress is increasingly seeing acceptance within educational establishments – it now powers large amounts of college and university websites, as well as sites for smaller sites for personal tutors, play schools and so on. It’s the perfect solution for budget… More →

[Update] Accessibility/UI Collaboration on Posts/Pages Screen

By / — The meeting on 10/16 went well, thanks so much to everyone who attended. We identified some long term goals & discussed the existing issues from an accessibility point of view. @_Redd gave some good insight from watching her students interact… More →