WordPress Digest for Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Abusing Copyright Laws

By / — Paul Sieminski, the general counsel at Automattic (Automattlock), writes for Wired on how Corporations Abusing Copyright Laws Are Ruining the Web for Everyone. More →


By / — I’m pretty proud of the automation tools we’ve created at Crowd Favorite, particularly for creating local project set-ups and for deploying to production sites. But it definitely is a constant investment.# More →

CodePen Releases Official WordPress Plugin

By / — CodePen has released an official plugin for embedding pens in WordPress. If you haven’t yet discovered CodePen, it’s basically a virtual playground for frontend developers and browsing the site can be addictive. It’s a place where you can write HTML,… More →

Education WordPress Themes: Themes for Colleges, Universities and Schools

By / — There is a wide range of WordPress themes which have been designed for educational institutions such as universities, colleges, schools and even kindergartens. These themes contain special features which will be required such as events, admissions, course listings, galleries and… More →

FacetWP Giveaway Winners Announcement

By / — Recently you had a chance to participate in our great giveaway from FacetWP and win one of 5 licenses of FacetWP, each one worth $29.99.FacetWP Giveaway Winners Announcement is a post by on Alyona Galea on WPMayor. A good WordPress… More →

Hey folks would you be able to help…

By / — Hey folks – would you be able to help us translate our iOS 3.9 release notes? Exclusive iOS 7 support Improved login screen and error message notification Simplified tab-based user interface Enhanced Reader, Comments, and Notifications More seamless inline commenting… More →

How To Import Posts & Pages From One WordPress Website To Another

By / — Migrating content to another website is a dilemma that many WordPress users face at one time in their life. The act of copying specific posts and pages over to a new website involves copying table rows from one database to… More →

How to Create A Question and Answers Site in WordPress

By / — Online question and answer communities like Yahoo Answers, Quora, Stackoverflow are fun and easy way to learn from others. Q&A sites allow users to ask specific questions on selected topics which are answered by other community members. In this article,… More →

Håkon Wium Lie on CSS Regions

By / — If CSS Regions are accepted in 2014, we will be stuck with absolutely positioned dummy divs for the foreseeable future. — CSS Regions Considered Harmful Read more → More →

It’s Never A Good Time

By / — There's just never a good time to turn something off or close the doors. The world is 24/7, so we're gonna have problems. More →

LP Content Manager Giveaway Winners Announcement

By / — Last week we partnered up with Luminary Plugins to offer you another cool giveaway. Today we will let you know who won 2 Developer Licenses of LP Content Manager Plugin worth $200 each.LP Content Manager Giveaway Winners Announcement is a… More →

Possible tasks for WP 3.9

By / — During last week’s dev chat, we decided on a schedule. We also chatted about a major focus in 3.9 on improving workflow for new and current contributors alike. If there are further suggestions on changes we can make to workflow to… More →

Quick Tip: WordPress Saves Your Widgets

By / — Have you ever thought about switching your WordPress theme but then hesitated, wondering what might happen to your widgets? Although it may not be obvious, the good news is that WordPress remembers where you previously had your widgets and saves… More →

Required reading for marketers and clients

By / — Ryan Holiday gives advice on how to market a “boring” business. He tells of the power of stories, and reminds us that all businesses have them. When we get stuck in a rut as web professionals, this is especially helpful.… More →

Social Menus in WordPress Themes

By / — Konstantin Kovshenin highlights Justin Tadlock’s Stargazer theme as a forward-thinking example of how to add social menus to WordPress themes. More →

Startup Pricing 101

By / — Part 3 of The Art of the WordPress Startup This post is part 3 of a series on how to launch your startup on WordPress. Last time I talked in-depth about a common question first-time founders have (how they should deal with… More →

The tools we use for our site reviews

By / — In our site reviews we check a website from multiple angles, and because of that we use a variety of tools to determine what to advise. Some tools are for analysing, some for clearing things up when we are in… More →

Why I went to Medium

By / — I was bored with Twitter, RSS and noise, but still wanted to read something interesting. I just didn’t want to have to dig for it. Suddenly, I found myself going to Medium. I just knew I’d find something outside of… More →

Why We Redesigned WP Valet

By / — Why We Decided to Rebrand Original Branding: When we launched in May of 2012 (and up until a few weeks ago), our original branding consisted of a darker color scheme, as you can see above. […] More →

Why we love $500 WordPress clients

By / — Ryan Sullivan shares excellent reasoning as to why he likes working with small budget clients. In short, with a smaller client the limits are better known and the surprises are fewer. Meanwhile, it’s still quite possible to serve a client’s… More →

WordPress 3.8.1 Release Candidate

By / — Greetings! WordPress 3.8.1 RC1 is now available for final testing. Here’s a zip, or you can set the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to “point release nightlies.” (Trunk, which is 3.9-alpha, also has all of these fixes.) We hope to get… More →

WordPress Core Proposal: Shortcode Tracking

By / — I’m in favor of all proposals that make metadata more accessible programatically.# More →

WordPress Security Essentials: Password and Username Safety

By / — There are simple ways you can help avoid a hacking attempt on your site, such as keeping your version of WordPress up-to-date and using themes and plugins from reputable sources. But what can you do to fight off brute force?… More →

WordPress.org vs. GitHub For Hosting WordPress Plugins and Themes

By / — There are many factors that come into play when deciding where to host your open source WordPress plugin or theme. Who is your target audience? How much support do you want to offer? Is the project open for collaboration? For… More →