WordPress News Digest for Thursday, January 22, 2015

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16 Plugins to Help You Communicate With Your Users

By / — A website is a communications tool. You create one to communicate with visitors, and to give them somewhere they can communicate with you. Whether your site is for blogging, marketing, selling, fundraising or passing on information, one of your key… More →

Affiliate Marketing Plugins to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

By / — Ever wondered what it would be like to make money off your blog? Affiliate marketing can do that for you. We've compiled a list of the best plugins for it. More →

All about that database: How to use phpMyAdmin for WordPress

By / — If you have ever installed WordPress, you will know that every WordPress website consists of two parts: The core files and a MySQL database. Of the two, the database is the much more important component. […] The post All about… More →

Dashicons 1/22 notes

By / — Slack Archive We discussed: There’s now a pull request for grunt tasks: SVG minification & grunticon for creating PNG fallbacks from the SVGs. @empireoflight drafted up a style guide page. To do: Anyone: Check out the PR & leave any feedback. @michael-arestad‘s… More →

Dev Chat Summary, January 21st

By / — https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/01/21/drew-jaynes-is-the-4-2-release-lead/ https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1421874229001218 Decisions @drewapicture is the 4.2 release lead. @wonderboymusic will be feature lead for a lot of media/image stuff. 4.1.1 will drop within a week. All 4.1 guest committers are renewed for 4.2. The tentative target release date for… More →

Disabling Post Comments on WordPress: Why?

By / — A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about a post I’ve recently written in which I had disabled the comments. The general question is basically: Why disable comments? And though it was a good question. Generally speaking, though… More →

Don’t throttle my ingenuity: Why the little guy needs net neutrality

By / — Much of the debate surrounding net neutrality has framed the issue as both ideological (with those favoring more regulation pitted against free-market advocates) and political (with all sorts of strange bedfellows staking out positions on […] The post Don’t throttle… More →

Ever Been to the WordPress Subreddit?

By / — The WordPress subreddit seems a bit out-of-the-way in general, but it often has good advice and content—as well as a lot of people needing WordPress tech help. A knowledgeable developer could earn a lot of Karma points in one day.… More →

HeroPress Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Highlight WordPress Developers

By / — HeroPress is a new WordPress community initiative with a Kickstarter campaign, created by Topher DeRosia, a developer for XWP. Its mission is to “develop the WordPress heroes of the world by sharing the accumulated wisdom of the community.” While looking… More →

High Risk Security Vulnerability Discovered and Patched in Pagelines and Platform Themes

By / — The PageLines and Platform drag-and-drop themes for WordPress have recently been patched for a privilege escalation vulnerability and a remote code execution issue discovered by Sucuri during a routine audit. Sucuri is classifying the vulnerabilities as high risk, with a… More →

How To: Create Internal Linking Structures in WordPress to Improve Your On-Site SEO

By / — Since the various Google Panda updates hit, a greater importance has been placed on on-site SEO. Sites with bad internal link structures were smacked, that is sites which link to the same pieces of content with different URLs, sites with… More →

How to Display WordPress Widgets in Columns

By / — Are you looking to display your WordPress widgets in columns? What if we told you there is an easy way to do this without any code knowledge. In this article, we will show you how to display WordPress widgets in… More →

Image Flow Agenda 22nd January

By / — Image Flow meeting is this evening. First thing to note is that we will move our regular Thursday meeting to Slack. We’ve reached the limit of how many people we can fit on the Google Hangout. Also, Slack is better… More →

Information Architecture with WordPress: Tips And Tools To Use

By / — Information architecture can be used as a buzzword out the Wild, Wild West of web design. Don’t be fooled. It’s a fancy term for some simple concepts. It’s just hard to define. But we’re here to solve that, and to… More →

Local SEO strategy tips from Kristopher Jones

By / — Two weeks ago, we asked our Facebook audience to post a question for Kristopher Jones about local SEO as a strategy. Kristopher is (among many other things) the founder of lseo.com, a local search engine optimization solution for businesses that we really like. We… More →

Make Your Website Contact Pages More Useful with a Big Contact Page

By / — Big Contact is a free plugin that lets you enhance the contact page of your WordPress website. By using this plugin you can easily add a range of useful information to any post or page on your site. This information… More →

New French Theme Shop Hexagone Launches with Free and Commercial WordPress Themes

By / — Earlier this week, WP Theming‘s Devin Price announced a partnership with French translation specialist Fx Benard on a new theme shop aimed at the French-speaking WordPress community. Hexagone is now open for business with four products available – two commercial… More →

New Simplenote

By / — New Simplenote App Updates for iOS, Android, and Mac, some nice iterations. Update: Simplenote for Android was just highlighted by The Verge as one of the best Material design apps. More →

Press This update Once again it’s been awhile…

By / — Press This update Once again, it’s been awhile, but let’s get everyone unfamiliar with this project as it’s about to go full steam ahead again. What is it? Press This is a redesign with a focus on automation and speed.… More →

Scaling PAPER for Kim

By / — I always like reading Paul Ford’s writing, and this one about How PAPER Magazine’s web engineers scaled Kim Kardashian’s back-end (SFW) is funny and accessible. I learned that people still use Movable Type. Also if PAPER used VIP, the story… More →

Support Team Summary for January 22nd

By / — This week focussed on tools, specifically what we have and what we want. What we Have We already have a lot of tools, so we took the liberty of adding all of them to the now ever-evolving Helpful Tools handbook… More →

The Case for JS Modules

By / — I originally posted some of this content here: Split javascript files in media into modules The patch on that ticket breaks up the Backbone classes in media-models.js, media-views.js, media-audiovideo.js, and media-grid.js into modules and injects them via Browserify on build/watch… More →

This Week in WordPress: New Travel Scholarship and SEO Sabotage

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

WooCommerce General Options Tutorial

By / — The General Options in WooCommerce give you several global settings you may want to set after installing and activating the plugin, such as your base location and location selling options, the currency options for your store, and how to change… More →