WordPress News Digest for Sunday, February 22, 2015

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4.2 Enhancements Deadline is March 10th

By / — In a typical release cycle, the beta stages are known as the period where we ramp down and shift focus to testing and fixing bugs only. The testing stages in the 4.2 release cycle will not differ on this point.… More →

Adding Custom Fonts to WordPress with @Font-Face and CSS3

By / — Whether you're creating a new WordPress theme or simply customizing one, custom fonts can help freshen your theme's style. Luckily, adding your own choice of fonts is relatively easy using CSS. More →

Admin plugin pages and Shiny Updates: Accessibility user test result

By / — Tested on WordPress 4.2-alpha Summary of the result at the bottom of this post. Testers: Kim van Iersel Gabriela Nino de Rivera Tina Tedesco Malgorzata Mlynarczyk Greg Wocher Jeff de Wit Test: Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New… More →

Hey please update https make wordpress org polyglots…

By / — Hey, please update https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/translating/packaging-localized-wordpress/#release%c2%a0revisions with the revision number for 4.1.1 More →

Web developers that prevent[1] pasting into passwo…

By / — Web developers that prevent1 pasting into password fields can die in a fire. For normal people that don’t hack the DOM using the inspector. ↩ More →

WordPress vs. Joomla: Shared Features With Remarkable Differences

By / — Both WordPress and Joomla can be used to create amazing websites. Both are content management systems. Both can be expanded using plugins, which can easily be found on the Internet reaching to the far corners of the universe (maybe a… More →

Your competitors should be a source of motivation

By / — It is a common practice in all realms of business to think of your competitors as enemies. They are, after all, the ones stealing your customers and revenue. Right? While there is certainly nuggets of truth in this, I firmly believe that… More →