WordPress News Digest for Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Alter The WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Output

By / — WordPress provides a handy little widget where you can add your sites tags to a widgetised area and then are shown a tag cloud type format. However the output of this tag cloud cannot be controlled, like it can with… More →

Getting The Envato Marketplace On The Right Track

By / — WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins On ThemeForest/CodeCanyon – From A Consumer Point Of View To date I have purchased over 142 items from the Envato Marketplaces & (written a buying guide which might come in handy). These are a mixture… More →

How to Create Demo Data for a BuddyPress Site

By / — When testing BuddyPress themes and plugins, it’s helpful to have some data to populate the network and demo its social components. Manually adding users with avatars, activity updates, messages, etc, can be a tedious process. Fortunately, there’s a way to… More →

How to Show Only One Category on Your WordPress Homepage

By / — Want only one category on your homepage? This is the trick. More →

Summary of 6 18 dev chat IRC log…

By / — Summary of 6/18 dev chat (IRC log): i18n: First run for installation is in, including .org API; @nacin has posted next steps. Related: #28571 Customizer: Appearance component renamed to Customize in Trac. Office hours scheduled for Fridays at 19:00 UTC… More →

WP Metadata API / UI office hours this Friday

By / — We will continue our weekly meetings this Friday. As no other suggestions have been made, it will remain at 18:00 UTC on Fridays in #wordpress-core-plugins on Freenode IRC. We may be transitioning from meeting into office hours as we haven’t… More →

Why WordPress Theme & Plugin List Posts Are Hurting Your Pocket

By / — Just Stop Listing Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Ok so I will admit it I have done the same in the past, listed 20 top WordPress themes for this 50 WordPress themes for that and so on. I am guilty,… More →