WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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An Attempt to Improve JavaScript in WordPress

By / — One of the things that’s always been somewhat of a point of pain in both theme and plugin development is how to handle JavaScript in WordPress. By this, I’m not talking about third-party dependencies such as jQuery, FitVids, or whatever libraries… More →

Canvas Fingerprinting & AddThis

By / — Propublica has a piece on canvas fingerprinting done by the ad service that uses the trojan horse of sharing buttons, AddThis: Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block. Regardless of the usefulness of this particular technique,… More →

Case Study: Nic Sells Socks. Beautifully.

By / — NicSocks started because Nic Haralambous was tired of wearing rubbish socks. Now, his bamboo fibre, limited-edition socks – designed and manufactured in South Africa – adorn the feet of happy customers worldwide. Today we bring you Nic’s story of selling subscription… More →

Divi 2.1 Introduces New One-Page Website Features & A Ton Of Additional Improvements

By / — As you may know, we have been working hard on our upcoming theme Extra, as well as our upcoming social sharing plugin Monarch. You will be excited to hear that we have also been dedicating a lot of time towards… More →

GavickPro Abandons Theme Framework in Favor of WordPress Customizer

By / — GavickPro is a unique theme shop that creates both Joomla and WordPress themes. Each theme they produce is developed for both platforms. The shop was first established in the Joomla community and then branched out into WordPress. Up until recently,… More →

How Long Does Building a WordPress Site Take?

By / — The best piece of WordPress writing last week was from Brian at Post Status: How much should a custom WordPress website cost? Throughout the post, Brian makes the very correct point that “Pricing is hard,” and that “a website” can… More →

How to Configure and Disable Automatic WordPress Updates

By / — The release of WordPress 3.7 in October of 2013 made available a feature that some people love and others would love to live without. The feature in question is automatic updating of the WordPress core for minor releases. Read more… More →

How to Decrease WordPress Page Load Time

By / — Before putting together this post, I had to re-check the page load time of my blog. Well, I love me… The post How to Decrease WordPress Page Load Time appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to Move a Site from WordPress Multisite to Single Install

By / — Are you trying to split your WordPress multisite network into individual WordPress websites? Moving a single to its own domain is a challege that a lot of multisite admins come across. While running a multisite network has its own advantages,… More →

Ibuki Theme Review: A Beautful WordPress Theme for Creatives

By / — Ibuki is a WordPress theme for sale on ThemeForest by Italian designer Alessio Atzeni, it is aimed at creative businesses (agency, portfolio, creative people, photography and blog websites) and as you will see from the preview is a very attractive… More →

If I were to Start a Blog about WordPress Today …

By / — When I first started WPLift, initially I was going to offer my services related to WordPress from the site. The “Lift” part was related to giving your site a “facelift” and the actual blog was an add-on which I was… More →

Media Grid – User testing round 1

By / — We recently performed some quick user tests on the Media Grid (at Beta 2) to see how users fare when performing various tasks, and came out with some interesting results. TL;DR – The concept of the Media Grid was intuitive and easy… More →

New Release: Multisite Reader Plugin Transforms Your Network

By / — We’re pleased to announce our second new plugin release in two weeks: Reader. Reader turns your Multisite network into a community by adding Tumblr, WordPress.com and Edublogs-style “follow” features to your sites. Modelled on Google Reader, you’ll find many great features… More →

On the WordPress Content Modeling Problem

By / — Last week, there was a bit of a stir regarding WordPress’s upcoming 4.0 release. Raelene Wilson started it off with a post about the “underwhelming” nature of the newest release, especially when looked at from […] The post On the… More →

Sucuri Reports Malware Infection Targeting WordPress Sites

By / — Earlier today, Sucuri reported a malware infection targeting WordPress sites! The announcement indicates: The last few days has brought about a massive influx of broken WordPress websites. What makes [this infection] so unique is that the […] The post Sucuri Reports… More →

Team chat agenda for week #30

By / — For any items that you may want discussed in this week’s #wordpress-sfd meetup please reply in the comments below. I will be unable to participate in this week’s meetup but I will do the write up afterwards. If something changes… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #47

By / — WordPress.tv seeks bilingual mods, eCommerce and color theory, and a spam plugin better than Akismet. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

The case for doing small website projects

By / — Last week I posted about how much custom WordPress websites should cost. If you read that post, you know that it depends. Generally the feedback was fantastic, but many readers took from that post that they should raise their prices.… More →

WPCore Plugin Manager Adds Favoriting and Custom Plugins to Collections

By / — Last week we featured WPCore, an app created by Stuart Starr that allows you to create WordPress plugin collections and install them in one click. He renamed the app’s corresponding plugin in the official directory to WPCore Plugin Manager to… More →

What WPLift Learned From Not Moderating Comments

By / — Oli Dale of WPLift, decided to leave comments open while having Akismet be the only anti-spam measure used. The result is 8,000 comments, most of which are spammy in nature. He sifted through 8,000 comments and published the results where… More →

WordAi add-on for WP RSS Aggregator Released

By / — WP RSS Aggregator, the leading RSS feed import plugin for WordPress, continues to go from strength to strength with the release of the WordAi add-on this week. The new add-on provides integration with the WordAi content spinning service and came… More →

WordPress Zero Spam Plugin Packages David Walsh’s Anti-Spam Method

By / — WordPress Zero Spam is the latest to join the ranks of anti-spam plugins fighting on the front lines of WordPress sites. The new plugin is based on a simple method created by Mozilla developer David Walsh, whose popular tech blog… More →