WordPress News Digest for Friday, August 22, 2014

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Add Simple Faceted Search To Your WordPress Site

By / — Facet search, made popular by sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com, is and tried and true method of easily getting users directly to the content they need by giving them a sidebar full of seperate “facets” to narrow their search by.… More →

Don’t iframe Me In

By / — Just give me apis, lots of apis, and the secure connection through. More →

EDD Extension Boilerplate: A Quick Start to Creating Add-Ons for Easy Digital Downloads

By / — Easy Digital Downloads launched its open source download delivery system for WordPress in 2012 and has since grown to amass a global network of contributors and developers. The project’s marketplace, which now boasts more than 100 extensions and dozens of… More →

Go hard or go Chrome – The WhiP #69

By / — More small WordPress 4.0 features, BackupBuddy 5.0 is out, and too many awesome guides on using WordPress to count. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

How to Allow Membership Registration in BuddyPress

By / — Today’s tutorial is a very basic tutorial for BuddyPress users. For those who haven’t heard of BuddyPress, it’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to setup a social network site on top of your WordPress installation. If you want to… More →

How to Manage Pages in WordPress using Advanced Page Manager

By / — Often users mainly use pages to build their WordPress sites (see the difference between posts and pages in WordPress). This allows them to build a static site with an optional blog page. However, it becomes harder to manage pages using… More →

How to Receive RSS Feed Updates via Email

By / — In my daily work supporting and developing the WP RSS Aggregator plugin, I get many requests from people needing to do quite interesting things with RSS feeds. One of these is sending RSS feed updates to their email inbox. Many times users… More →

Image Flow Update 22nd August 2014

By / — Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting! If you missed it, you can catch up with all out lovely faces right here. Here’s what happened: User Interviews We discussed the user interview document. If anyone has any additional thoughts on… More →

MegaFon Moscow: Privacy & Advertising

By / — Funny thing happened today. My car insurance expired, so I called my insurance company (RESO) from my cellphone. Nobody answered my call, it was Friday evening after all, so I hung up and decided to call them on Monday. A… More →

Post formats are slowly dying, and that’s okay

By / — Post formats were introduced in WordPress 3.1. They were, and still are, little more than an organizational feature that allows themes to support ten custom content formats such as asides, links, quotes, video, and audio. They are just a taxonomy… More →

Single Page Tabbed Navigation in WordPress

By / — In a couple of recent projects, I’ve been tasked with adding tabbed navigation to various WordPress templates. The thing is, these tabs work in such a way that all of the information is loaded on the page so when the user… More →

Site Support: Understanding Your Options

By / — Continuing with his series on site support, this week Fred from Press Up Inc. offers some perspective on the different options available to site owners when they need help. Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing your support work overseas, enrolling in… More →

Ten Bloggers on Ferguson

By / — Ten WP bloggers speak out on Ferguson, a really fascinating spectrum of viewpoints from protesters to media to a blog by an anonymous police officer on duty in Ferguson. More →

The Best Places to Find Free Stock Images for Your WordPress Site

By / — A picture paints a thousands words, or so the old adage goes. Images can tell a story in a quick glimpse more than endless paragraphs on a page. This is even up by data that shows 90 per cent of… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.76

By / — This week we did a theme release over at ThemeFurnace, named “Exposition” its a clean blogging theme aimed at long-form writers and photographers. I designed something simple with a clean layout and typography as we had been receiving requests for… More →

The demise of Video SEO

By / — Recently, Google removed, without any warning, the video snippets in the search results for a large group of sites. This followed pretty quickly on Google’s removal of author highlight pictures from the search results. First discussed by Seer on July 16th and slowly… More →

UX Flow for Image Uploading and Editing

By / — @teamadesign has created a detailed workflow chart for uploading and editing images in WordPress. We can use this thread to interrogate the workflow and see how we can streamline it. If you’re interested please leave comments. We’re interested in the… More →

WP Metadata UI / API project update and new meeting time/place

By / — It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted an update, @mikeschinkel has been working hard on some new commits to give us some shortcuts for option arrays and things have stabilized there finally. We’re now focused on documenting field type… More →

WP Photographers: WordPress + Photography

By / — Earlier this week I launched WP Photographers, covering topics around WordPress for photographers. This is kind of a “duh” thing as I’ve been deep into those two worlds for quite a while, yet it seems there’s not anyone really covering… More →

WPWeekly Episode 159 – The Future of WPChat With Leland Fiegel

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Leland Fiegel. Fiegel is the founder of WPChat.com, a site he relaunched into a forum dedicated to WordPress discussions. Fiegel shares the history of the domain and… More →

Why You Need Child Themes and How to Use Them

By / — If you’re new to WordPress or the WordPress ecosystem — whether it be by being friends with someone who uses it or by attending your first WordPress meetup or WordCamp — there’s a term that […] The post Why You… More →

WordPress Plugin WP Inject Renames to ImageInject and Introduces New Features

By / — When we wrote a review about WP Inject earlier this year, we were impressed with its features. However, we felt that it was somewhat unfortunately named. As Dave Tasker notes within the comments of the review, the word inject invokes… More →