WordPress News Digest for Saturday, August 22, 2015

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7 Top Backup Plugins for Your WordPress Website

By / — I’d like to tell you a little story, if you could bear with me for a minute. A couple years ago, I was playing around in the FTP client in my cPanel trying out some new stuff I had read… More →

All languages in development project has two same…

By / — All languages in development project has two same strings “Hide” and “Show”? There are 1718 strings instead of 1716. More →

Anker PowerPort 5 USB Charging Station

By / — I enjoy reading posts about the tools people use. Casey recently posted about some of his travel toolkit, including a 5 USB port charger. I can definitely see this being valuable for travel, but my current use case is my… More →

Create Static Social-Media “Share” Buttons without Javascript

By / — Social-Media Share Buttons are everywhere, but most of them are working with external hosted javascript resources which are loaded on each page request. Depending on the servers cache settings this can cause multiple additional http request for your visitors. Additionally… More →

Personal WordPress Theme

By / — I’ve forked the FavePersonal theme to release a few changes that I’ve made to it for my own site. An improved Gallery feature, including support for WordPress shortcode galleries. If you’re uploading photos directly to your gallery post, you can… More →

Using theme mod defaults

By / — As more and more theme authors begin to make the move to the customizer, many are also making the switch to storing theme options as theme mods rather than rolling a custom database option. This is awesome because theme mods… More →

WordPress Developers: 13 Ways to Effectively Run Your First Meeting With a Potential New Client

By / — Growing your WordPress development business has many challenges, one of which is running an effective first meeting with a new prospect. With no existing relationship to fall back on, there are many unknowns. Will your personalities clash? Will they scoff… More →