WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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16 Simple Tips & Tricks for WordPress Users – BobWP

By / — These WordPress tips are not snippets of code or complicated, or mind-boggling. Just some simple ways to get the most out WordPress’s built-in features. The post 16 Simple Tips & Tricks for WordPress Users appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All… More →

Accessibility usertest: Twenty Sixteen

By / — The new default theme Twenty Sixteen is close to release, so we gave it to our accessibility testers to check it. Testes who joined: Michelle DeYoung, Gabriela Nino de Rivera Torres, Jeffrey de Wit, Sirisha Gubba, Heather Migliorisi, Tobias Clemens… More →

Core Concepts of WordPress Themes: The Template Hierarchy

By / — We recently released Up and Running, which we think is one of the best places a user, designer, or non-WordPress developer can start to get their mind around the concepts of WordPress development. One of the topics that the book… More →

Enable HTTP/2 on Nginx

By / — Experimental support for HTTP/2 became available in Nginx version 1.9.5 (mainline). It is really easy to enable, and I’ll show you how. First of all: If you’re not running the latest version yet, I recommend that you upgrade Nginx to… More →

Hi I want to add Dari Language in…

By / — Hi, I want to add Dari Language in WordPress. How can i do it? More →

Hi Translation Team I am willing to contribute…

By / — Hi Translation Team, I am willing to contribute in this locale team – https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/?locale=as Nobody is active there, neither the translation contributor nor the translation editor. I have tried to contact that team but failed. I am native to this… More →

How To Integrate Facebook Features, Login & Commenting into Your WordPress Website

By / — Today we are looking at a plugin called “Facebook Pro” which is designed to enable you to connect your WordPress website to the Facebook API system and then embed various features within your site. It will allow you to offer… More →

How to Show Recent Comments in WordPress Sidebar

By / — Are you looking to add recent comments in your WordPress sidebar? Recently, one of our readers asked if we could cover how to display recent comments in WordPress. That’s why in this article, we will show you how to easily… More →

Interview, and Complementing Slack

By / — I had a conversation with Tony Conrad at the StrictlyVC event in San Francisco last week, following a dizzyingly talented line-up of Chamath Palihapitiya and Steve Jurvetson. Techcrunch has a good write-up with a number of the relevant quotes from the… More →


By / — jepp … The post Invisible appeared first on Bensmann. More →

Jeff Yablon and the WordPress Foundation Settle Out of Court

By / — Earlier this year, the WordPress Foundation sued Jeff Yablon for trademark infringement. The Foundation wanted Yablon to stop using its trademarks, dismiss the opposition proceeding, pay the foundation for any profits related to use of the WordPress trademarks, pay up… More →

Not a Developer? The Art of Remote Hiring – Starting Your Internet Business, Part 3

By / — In this post, the third of a five-part series about getting started running an online business, our CEO James Farmer takes a practical look at hiring for WordPress, the methods he developed to build WPMU DEV to the 60-odd staff… More →

On Becoming a Better Writer

By / — I try to keep the focus of this blog limited to writing about code, WordPress, software, and business. Every now and then I'll come across a resource I find so useful, I end up reusing or re-reading several times to… More →

One year since I stopped going it alone

By / — Since early child hood, I have always been a do-it-myself individual. It is an attitude I attribute largely to the way my father raised me and my brother. The three of us were always working around the farm making repairs… More →

OscarMike.org Achieves ‘Ridiculously Fast’ Site Speed

By / — Ecommerce apparel site OscarMike.org needed to boost its site speed. The Veteran-owned company, which donates its profits to a foundation to help rehabilitate injured Veterans through adaptive sporting events, offers more than 200 unique items; and a faster site means… More →

Preparing your plugins and your client sites for termmeta

By / — The biggest hurdle in the introduction of metadata for taxonomy terms (#10142) is compatibility with existing plugins and customizations. In this post, I’ll outline the most significant concerns, along with recommendations for next steps. This post has two audiences: authors… More →

Product Hunt AMA Today

By / — In about half an hour I’m doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Product Hunt, please join and ask some questions on any topic that tickles your fancy. More →

Quick and Reliable Bug Testing with Cloner for WordPress Multisite

By / — There's nothing worse than stumbling across a bug on a site and not being able to do anything about it. So save your users the heartache and do bug testing! How? Our Cloner and Multisite Privacy plugins provide the perfect… More →

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 5 – Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon

By / — In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with tech consultant, author, and speaker Phil Simon to talk about what it takes to build an effective personal brand. Our interview and discussion focuses on three key areas: establishing authority,… More →

The Impacts HeroPress Is Having on WordPress Communities in India

By / — Topher DeRosia, who recently attended WordCamp Pune, India, published a post on the HeroPress blog that describes the subtle impacts the project is having on people. Saurabh Shukla, lead organizer for WordCamp Pune, says the site inspired not only their… More →

WP Video Robot: Add Videos To Your Site, Automatically

By / — Of late, videos have grown in popularity, and more and more websites are now offering video content to their users. You can credit it to the fact that we all have better internet speeds nowadays, or that videos in general… More →

oEmbed Update: September 22nd

By / — Today I just tagged version 0.8.0 of the oEmbed feature plugin. Despite the small version number the plugin saw some major improvements compared to last week. The changelog: Added translations for Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish, Hebrew. There are now 13 translations… More →