WordPress News Digest for Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from October 2017

By / — It’s time again for our monthly Divi Showcase where we take a look at some amazing Divi websites from our community members. Each month we showcase the best Divi websites that were submitted from our community and today we want… More →

Changes to the screen-reader-text CSS class in WordPress 4.9

By / — The screen-reader-text CSS class is a small bit of CSS used in WordPress to visually hide text and make it still available to assistive technologies, screen readers, and any other software reading a page. For a number of years, this… More →

Code Editing Improvements in WordPress 4.9

By / — The themes outlined for WordPress 4.9 are “editing code, managing plugins and themes, a user-centric way to customize a site, and polishing some recently added features over this last year.” Within the themes of editing code and polishing recent features,… More →

Export Sequel Pro To Laravel Migrations

By / — In a previous article I found this plugin for MySQL workbench that will allow you to export your database tables to Laravel migration files. I've recently found this project on… More →

October 19th Support Team Meeting Summary

By / — General announcements The plugins team has requested we stop reporting crypto currency miners unless they actually violate the forum guidelines. Things such as not informing site visitors that a miner is running isn’t considered a plugin directory violation as that’s… More →

25 Examples of Colorful Websites that Impress

By / — The world isn’t black and white, so why does your website need to be black and white? Ok – there aren’t many entirely black and white websites. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t make the web more colorful. And… More →

Managing WooCommerce Affiliate Links with Thirsty Affiliates – BobWP

By / — If you use WooCommerce to display affiliate ads and products, combine it with Thirsty Affiliates for a great way to manage them all. More →