WordPress News Digest for Saturday, January 23, 2016

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15 Elegant Footer Designs for Your Next WordPress Client Project (And What Makes Them Work)

By / — Designing an incredible website footer isn’t ever at the top of every web developer’s or designer’s list of things to do. Given that it’s all the way at the bottom of the page, it’s easy enough to dismiss it as something… More →

Feature Plugin Meeting on Tuesday, Jan 26

By / — As mentioned in this week’s dev chat, we’ll be holding a Feature Plugin meeting on (the usual dev chat time). If you are a lead for an officially recognized feature plugin, please either plan to attend if you’d like feedback, or if you… More →

Hello all After chats with @pauldewouters and @petya…

By / — Hello all! After chats with @pauldewouters and @petya, I would like to ‘revive’ the french part of Belgium and find extra translators for a real fr_BE enviroment. Could you please grant me (@casiepa) GTE access for #fr_BE ? Merci !… More →

Same issues that were happening two weeks ago…

By / — Same issues that were happening two weeks ago are happening again right now. I have alerted relevant parties to the problem. For now, new plugin authors won’t be able to commit, and some plugin readme.txt files won’t get processed correctly… More →

Understanding CSS3 Flexbox for Clean, Hack-Free Responsive Design

By / — Remember how hard it used to be to vertically center content on your site? If you’re struggling with the words “used to be” in that last sentence, you obviously haven’t yet cottoned onto flexbox, the answer to clean, hack-free CSS… More →