WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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10 Impressive WordPress Admin Themes for 2014

By / — Customizing the backend of WordPress with an admin theme is a simple way to give your install a fresh look and is also handy for developers who are creating WordPress sites for clients and want to simplify the backend. More →

5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Placing a Swag Order for 10,000 Rubber Wristbands

By / — Swag. Swag. Swag. On You. – Justin Bieber Think back to your first trade show. How many free shirts were you able to pick up? Promotional products, or “swag”, are now a staple for marketing teams to further promote their brand.… More →

A WordPress Site Reports “This Request Is Not Valid Error” in Microsoft Word? Try This….

By / — Recently I’ve been working on a site that required me to put the entire developmental site behind a maintenance mode site. Our maintenance mode plugin of choice is WP Maintenance Mode, as it allows me to control both the front end,… More →

All The Best, Modern WordPress Themes for Churches – 2014

By / — Churches are organisations that have been well-served by the WordPress theming community, just take a look at all the themes we covered here on WPLift in the past. Today we are going to take a look at the newest WordPress… More →

As there are currently three separate discussions regarding…

By / — As there are currently three separate discussions regarding GlotPress enhancements I’ll post this here as it probably should have been posted already. https://make.wordpress.org/community/2014/04/21/gsoc-students-accepted/ Arian Allenson M. Valdez (@secretmapper) — Working on GlotPress UI and profiles with Yoav Farhi (@yoavf) and… More →

Choosing a Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress (Part 1 – WP Courseware)

By / — With WordPress being used in education environments more and more, the need for a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) is coming into demand. The successes of the few plugins that do this already are demonstrating their need. Read more on… More →

Constants and Reading and Writing

By / — I preach the same thing, my reasons don’t just include readability, but simplicity and searchability too. Where are we handling 200 responses? I’ll search for “200″… there it is. I especially encourage this in WordPress dev when relating to WordPress… More →

Font-end Editor Meeting 22 April

By / — Yesterday we had a quiet meeting, so there’s not much to report. I’ve removed compatibility with WordPress 3.8 so it’s easier to develop, and the plugin now loads the TinyMCE scripts from core, which should make the editor load faster.… More →

Force Sub Categories To Use Parent Category Templates

By / — When doing WordPress theme development the first thing you will learn about is the template hierarchy, this is the order of templates WordPress will use to display the content. WordPress actually only needs one template file to work correctly, the… More →

From the other side, selling ThemeLab

By / — Leland Fiegal posted an incredible wrap-up blog post about his journey with ThemeLab and about selling it to Syed Balkhi, as I reported just a bit ago. I love seeing something with this much detail, that’s so frank and honest.… More →

Have You Turned On Akismet 3.0′s Silent Discard Feature?

By / — Akismet is one of those quiet utility plugins that works in the background of your WordPress site without a lot of fanfare. When it’s doing it’s job, your blog comments stay spam-free and you never think twice about it. Forgetting… More →

Hey folks we’re getting ready to release WPiOS…

By / — Hey folks – we’re getting ready to release WPiOS 4.0.3 and could use your help translating some strings. Would you mind jumping in over at http://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/dev and helping out? Thanks! More →

How To Start A Blog And Make It Successful

By / — Thousands of new blogs are launched every day by aspiring bloggers and people who want a place to share their thoughts online. Yet few of these blogs are actively updated a few months later and even less go on to… More →

How to Add Buttons in WordPress Without Using Shortcodes

By / — Most people are not familiar with HTML/CSS. This is why WordPress plugins are so useful for adding tables or buttons. There are lots of plugins out there which allow you to add buttons to your posts and pages using shortcodes.… More →

How to Represent Yourself in the WordPress Community

By / — Online etiquette is a big deal. This is something that applies to all industries, but since WordPress bloggers and developers… The post How to Represent Yourself in the WordPress Community appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Ignite your crowd-funding efforts with WooThemes and IgnitionDeck

By / — Crowd-funding has been a hot topic on the web over the past few months. In WordPress circles, this has been no different. Today, we’re proud to announce an exciting collaboration between two WordPress players, which we hope will help you… More →

Is it possible to make GlotPress dashboard a…

By / — Is it possible to make GlotPress dashboard a little bit more useful? Like showing active projects and their statuses to validator like this: http://imgur.com/Bh2Kg1x It’s hard to track all the projects. I have to check every project to see if… More →

Lytro changed photography — now can it get anyone to care?

By / — I don’t think I’m $1500 worth of curious, but I’d love to play with one of these.# More →

New Beginning – Say Hello to the New ThemeLab

By / — Hello and Welcome to the new ThemeLab. ThemeLab was started in 2007 by Leland Fiegel with the aim to make it an authoritative source of WordPress themes. However due to time constraints and other personal obligations, Leland was unable to… More →

One glossary to rule them all

By / — First of all, thanks for glossary. It’s a life saving functionality. I’m currently validating lots of project and trying to maintain order between them. Glossary is a very helpful tool to accomplish this but it’s project specific. Is there a… More →

Photoblogging Made Easier with Postbot

By / — Photos are an important part of the WordPress.com blogging experience. They can illustrate, emphasize, and sometimes even narrate the stories we want to tell. Photos provide an artistic element to millions of WordPress blogs. Some blogs […] More →

Please remove user kuba’s validator role on the…

By / — Please remove user kuba’s validator role on the Polish site. More →

Regarding Our Efforts at Pragmatic Programming

By / — To me, one of the most frustrating aspects of programming comes in something as seemingly trivial as how to best name and organize files. And by that, I mean the process of figuring out what to name directories and files all… More →

Something that would really help the English variants…

By / — Something that would really help the English variants is to have a feature that can copy all of the original strings for untranslated as the translated string, and leaves them as Waiting status. Being able to check and bulk accept… More →

Syed Balkhi, of WP Beginner, enters the commercial theme market with ThemeLab

By / — ThemeLab has been around since 2007, started by Leland Fiegel. Leland released dozens of themes on ThemeLab, most of which were free. He also wrote a consistent blog and was generally an active member of the WordPress community. Over time… More →

The 3 Best Map Plugins for WordPress

By / — Maps are one of those things that make the web great. They allow you to provide directions, context, and a good amount of information about your business, all in a single interface. But for WordPress […] More →

The Art of the WordPress Startup: Part 16

By / — Founder Writing Skills This post is part 16 of a series on how to launch your startup on WordPress. Last time I talked about not letting your hosting end up being your Achilles’ heel. This time we’ll talk about two things you… More →

The Person of WordPress

By / — The arm of support and the arm of humanity. More →

The power of WordPress.org on freemium products

By / — There’s a ton of discussion going on around the WordPress.org theme review incentive program right now. The incentive program was structured around a concept of rewarding reviewers for their work by allowing them to choose which themes get featured on the WordPress… More →

ThemeLab Acquired By Syed Balkhi

By / — ThemeLab, a popular site dedicated to WordPress theme topics has been acquired by Syed Balkhi. ThemeLab has been a valuable resource of information since 2007. Leland Fiegel, the site’s previous owner made a positive mark within the community when he… More →

Tips for getting your plugin approved on WordPress.org

By / — As someone who’s written a lot of plugins and helps manage the approval process on WordPress.org’s Plugin Repository, Pippin Williamson’s simple advice about the things that raise the attention of the moderators is great to know if you’ve ever thought about… More →

Tweet Archive: A Free WordPress Theme to Match the New Twitter Profiles

By / — Yesterday, Twitter announced that it was rolling out the new profile redesign to all users. If you haven’t updated your Twitter profile, you can click on the “Get it Now” button on the new profiles product page. Last week we… More →

WPwatercooler: The origin story

By / — Tweet Back in October of 2012 I wrote this blog post when I was deciding to start WPwatercooler and I thought I'd share it's origin story here. It's crazy how far we've come with the show at the bottom I've… More →