WordPress News Digest for Thursday, April 23, 2015

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$450,000 in a year as a self-published author

By / — Building an audience who loves your product — whether it’s for a book, an app, a game, or a widget — is tough, time-consuming and expensive. Once you’ve got them hooked, give them something else to buy from you. As you choose your next… More →

6 upcoming WordCamps you just have to attend

By / — One of the most satisfying things you can do is get involved in the WordPress community. There hasn’t been a community I’ve been a part of that is as supportive, approachable, and friendly as the WordPress […] The post 6 upcoming… More →

7 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Building My First Online Business

By / — Six years ago, I built my first online business. Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t the hard way: through experience. Despite facing many hurdles, each project I’ve built has been more successful than the last. Recently,… More →

An Intro to Accessible Links

By / — If learning how to improve your site’s accessibility has been on your to do list, here’s the perfect opportunity to check it off. @RachelRVasquez recently wrote a great intro on why accessible links matter, how to know if your links… More →

Best Knowledge Base WordPress Themes for Customer Support, FAQs and Wiki

By / — If you run a service or sell products and need to provide information for the user to understand how to use it, a knowledge base is a great way to store information in an ordered fashion. A knowledge base will… More →

Big Announcement Day

By / — Two big releases today: WordPress 4.2 with lots of interface improvements and emoji support, and the 3.5 release of Jetpack with a new menu editor. More →

Effective eCommerce Promotions: How To Create Coupon Codes With WooCommerce

By / — Online shopping has made it super-convenient for online shoppers to hunt around for the best prices. With this in mind, customers are perhaps more sensitive to prices than at any other point in history. After all, why would you pay… More →

Everyday Website Optimization for WordPress

By / — You might be a WordPress developer, WordPress plugin developer or WordPress theme developer. You may have worked with WordPress for over a decade. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to purchase a website without any knowledge of WordPress… More →

Genesis Framework Plugin Tutorials – BobWP

By / — On my blog you will find a few tutorials on some specific Genesis framework plugins and widgets. But to make it even easier for you to find and access what is available, I have once again used List.ly to create a… More →

How to Achieve Email Marketing Automation Using Autoresponders

By / — It’s the holy grail of internet marketing: the online money machine. With automation, you can build a website and sell your product or service automatically. While everyone wants a way to earn passive income, it doesn’t seem on the surface… More →

How to Clean Up Your WordPress Database for Improved Performance

By / — If you have been using WordPress for a while, then there is a good chance that you need to clean up your WordPress site. Doing regular clean ups allow you to reduce your database size which means quicker and smaller… More →

Implementing An Interface For The WordPress Settings API

By / — This is the third post in a series on An Object-Oriented Approach To The WordPress Settings API. Part 2.In the previous two posts, I’ve covered two things: Why it’s useful to define an interface for the WordPress Settings API An… More →

Jetpack 3.5 Introduces Menu Management on WordPress.com

By / — Jetpack 3.5 was released today, coinciding with WordPress 4.2. This release expands the capabilities of Jetpack’s centralized site management to include menus. If you have Jetpack Manage activated, you can now log into WordPress.com to manage menus for any of… More →

Keep Your Site Sticky With Related Posts

By / — You have a ton of great content on your site, and you want to make it easier for your visitors to see it. We have a tool that will keep visitors actively engaged with your site while also helping you… More →

Meet Powell: WordPress 4.2 Release

By / — April is my favorite month for many reasons – nice weather (at least over here on the south-west corner of… The post Meet Powell: WordPress 4.2 Release appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Share Icon on Google Homepage

By / — It was very cool to see the Share Icon on Google’s homepage today. Thanks to Mark for making sure I saw it. This post is part of the project: Share Icon. View the project timeline for more context on this… More →

Speed Means Business: WP Speedster Tests 25K Plugins and 2,500 Themes for You

By / — Think about how many people visit your sites on a daily basis. You may wonder if they’re satisfied with the content or interested in what products or services you’re selling, but what if they don’t even have a chance to… More →

Spinners and dismissible admin notices in 4.2

By / — There are two UI component changes in 4.2 aimed at better experiences moving forward that may affect plugin and theme authors. The first is the spinner element, which does come with a non-critical visual breaking change. The second is admin… More →

Swift Security – Bulletproof Your WordPress Website

By / — WordPress is currently the most popular content management system, being used by 23,6 % of all the websites. WordPress is extremely widespread, but that doesn’t make it immune to security breaches. Weak passwords, vulnerable templates and plugins are an easy… More →

The 9 Best Split Testing Apps for WordPress

By / — You can spend all of the time in the world building your landing pages or prepping your site for the… The post The 9 Best Split Testing Apps for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

The Three Small Changes That Created 81% More Active Users

By / — One of the biggest challenges we've had at Receiptful has been to get our users to switch their receipts to Live Mode.<…> Receiptful works a lot like Stripe in that sense: you sign up, connect to your store, set up… More →

This Week In WordPress: XSS Security Scare, Facebook Abandons Plugin

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Three free Storefront plugins

By / — Our goal with Storefront has always been to keep it lean and modular. We question whether every single feature should be included in core, or whether it’s better suited as a separate plugin. Today I’d like to introduce three new… More →

TinyMCE views API improvements

By / — In WordPress 4.2 there will be changes to the experimental TinyMCE views API. We don’t recommend this for use in production unless you closely follow the development. If you’re using it we’d love to get some feedback: bugs, suggestions, things… More →

Wapuunk T-Shirts Now Available in the WordPress Swag Store

By / — The fame of wapuunk has spread far and wide and now fans of the creature can purchase t-shirts in the WordPress Swag Store. The punk Wapuu was created for WordCamp London 2015 by Scott Evans with collaboration from the event’s… More →

What we can learn from Japan

By / — I travel back and forth between Japan and the United States, mostly Tokyo and New York and a few other American cities, several times a year. The contrast is jarring. Arriving in the US can feel like rolling back a… More →

What’s New in WordPress 4.2

By / — WordPress 4.2 was released just a few minutes ago. This is the first major WordPress release of 2015. It fixes many issues and adds some great new features to WordPress. Sadly, some really cool features were dropped because they were… More →

Why You Should Have the Latest Version of WordPress

By / — In recent weeks WordPress plugins have suffered a spate of security vulnerabilities, prompting concerns WordPress as a platform isn't secure. Of course it's secure – when it's up-to-date. We look – in detail – at what you need to know. More →

WordPress 4.2 Briefing

By / — WordPress 4.2 has just been released. Find out what’s new in this video tour of the latest features. As usual, the WordPress Essentials course has been updated with new tutorials showing you how to take advantage of the latest changes… More →

WordPress 4.2 Field Notes

By / — WordPress 4.2 includes both new and improved features. It also includes changes under the hood.  While I’m sure you’ve been testing your themes, plugins, and sites in preparation for the release, you may have missed the announcements of all the changes.… More →

WordPress 4.2 has been released Please read the…

By / — WordPress 4.2 has been released. Please read the instruction manual if you haven’t yet. If you have to create a package via Rosetta please select the Development (4.2.x) project and use HEAD or 32253 as the revision number. Thanks to… More →

WordPress 4.2 “Powell”

By / — Version 4.2 of WordPress, named “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.2 help you communicate and share, globally. An easier way to share content Clip… More →

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Is Here

By / — WordPress 4.2 has been released! As a customer of WP Engine, here is what you need to know about the latest version of WordPress: WordPress 4.2 is an enhancement and bug-fix release that brings a wealth of new features and… More →

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” is Now Available for Download

By / — WordPress 4.2 “Powell” has arrived and is now ready for download. It is named for Earl Rudolph “Bud” Powell, an American jazz pianist. This release, led by 10up engineer Drew Jaynes, offers a balanced mix of front-facing features that users… More →

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” now available

By / — WordPress 4.2, named after American jazz Pianist, Bud Powell, is now available for download! This update improves the overall writing experience in WordPress, and includes under-the-hood changes that developers will love: Press This has been completely revamped […] The post WordPress 4.2… More →