WordPress News Digest for Friday, May 23, 2014

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A Clever Way to Keep Unsatisfied Visitors from Leaving Your WordPress Site

By / — These in-post sidebars are perfect for visitors itching to click something else. More →

Built-In WordPress Options You Should Be Using

By / — When you discovered WordPress, you probably thought it was just a run of the mill blogging platform. But once you… The post Built-In WordPress Options You Should Be Using appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Got my first flat tire today. Naturally, in the mi…

By / — Got my first flat tire today. Naturally, in the midst of an impressive rainstorm. I suppose 1 in 22 years isn’t bad. More →

Happy Friday – only 5 days left to order your Colo…

By / — Happy Friday – only 5 days left to order your Colorado Flag HTML5 tshirt! More →

How Long Should an Article Be? – SEO Tips

By / — 600 words…. If only it were that easy. One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from existing clients and progressive business owners alike is, how long should an article be. Along with all of the other building blocks… More →

How to Add Simple Carousel to WordPress Site

By / — Adding a carousel is one way to creatively display some media on your site. Although adding a carousel to a WordPress site should be simple, most of the plugins available out there are really complex and hard to setup. We just… More →

How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

By / — The best way to connect your social media profiles to your WordPress website is by adding social media icons to your sidebar. In this article, I will show you how to add social media icons to WordPress. There are hundreds… More →

How to Keep User Media Separate on Multi-Author WordPress Sites

By / — From time to time, a WordPress site has the requirement of keeping users’ media uploads separated. It helps keep things a little more streamlined on multi-author sites where many authors are publishing and regularly adding files to the media library.… More →

Meet the WPMU DEV Design Team – Plus a Sneak Peak at Our Upcoming WordPress Themes

By / — Our design team is changing what you see at WPMU DEV. Meet the guys quietly pushing pixels behind the scenes – and working on some truly exciting new products. More →

On being (or not being) a “dev”

By / — Zé Fontainhas has written a post that needed writing, and we need to read it. Too often, we pre-judge people’s capabilities based on false assumptions. Being a contributor to non-developer centric aspects of WordPress doesn’t make someone not a developer.… More →

Panda 4.0 Is Shaking Things Up

By / — This week kicked off with the announcement of Panda 4.0, and since then it has been shaking things up across the web. The Panda algorithm is Google’s effort to keep low-quality sites low in rank, and […] More →

Robert Herjavec, Success, and WordPress

By / — Several months ago, I stumbled across this video featuring Robert Herjavec (most notably from Shark Tank these days), and there were a number of things he said in the video that resonated with me. I wanted to share it because not… More →

So Your WordPress Upgrade Broke

By / — This will happen to everyone, and this is not about how to fix it, but why it happens, and how to decide who to trust so it happens less. More →

Thanks to Media Temple – Our Current Content Partner

By / — Thanks go out once again to our current content partner Media Temple. If you are looking for premium managed WordPress hosting at an affordable monthly rate then why not check out their current hosting packages. Their plans are backed by… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.69

By / — For those who run websites, how has your Google traffic been this week ? The reason I ask is that Google have just rolled out another update which has seen traffic at WPLift fall by around 500-700 visitors per day… More →

The WordPress Training Initiative

By / — At the contributor day event for WordCamp San Francisco 2013, breakout sessions were created to explore ideas on the best ways to teach people how to work with WordPress themes. One of the ideas being pursued are lesson modules. The… More →

These pictures are what dreams are made of

By / — Breathtaking. I need to step up my game.# More →

Troubleshooting Support: Adding troubleshooting to the Support Handbook

By / — Hi everyone. @jdembowski suggested at the last meeting that it would be a good thing to post some info about the idea I brought up, so more people can add their feedback. So, here’s my idea… The Support Handbook is… More →

Understanding GitHub Flavored Markdown

By / — GitHub is the largest code host in the world. With over 13 million repositories, it’s a favored place for powerful collaboration. GitHub allows users to harness its extensive field-tested tools for both  public and private projects. […] More →

WP Think Tank

By / — I will be participating in the WP Think Tank round table discussion next Thursday. The panel group is fantastic – I’m quite looking forward to it.# More →

WordCamp Vancouver to Hold Developer Edition in July

By / — WordCamp Vancouver is gearing up for its fourth year and will be held on Saturday July 26th, 2014, at the BCIT Downtown Campus, in Vancouver. The event’s organization team announced this week that this year’s camp will be a “developer… More →