WordPress News Digest for Monday, June 23, 2014

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7 Memorable Quotes from Gigaom Structure

By / — Last week I had the opportunity to attend Gigaom Structure, an event self-described as an opportunity to “meet the innovators and thinkers who are building infrastructure to run the applications of the next decade.” The […] The post 7 Memorable… More →

All Pods 2.x versions need updating due to significant security vulnerability

By / — Scott Kingsley Clark notified me this morning that a security update has been released for all versions of Pods 2.0 and later. Pods allows for the creation or extension of WordPress content types. Any website that uses the feature to… More →

Apply to Speak at WordCamp SF

By / — The big daddy of WordCamps is open about another week for speaker submissions, if you have something interesting you’d like to say to the WordPress world send in your application to speak at WordCamp SF here. More →

Control Your Redirects for SEO

By / — Here at Pagely® we’ve recently upgraded our control panel (Atomic™) to allow full control over 301 redirects with respect to domain aliases. This means you no longer have to do it manually via an .htaccess file. What is a domain… More →

Creating Custom Post Types In WordPress

By / — WordPress is a extremely powerful platform offering more than just the blogging capabilities it was originally created for. Since it’s creation, WordPress has grown into a vast CMS platform that allows users with nearly any goal in mind a great… More →

Dates Announced For PressNomics 3 – Jan 22nd-24th, 2015

By / — Dates have been announced for the third annual PressNomics conference. Organized by Joshua and Sally Strebel of Pagely, PressNomics is a conference similar to a WordCamp but focuses exclusively on the business of WordPress and the economy surrounding it. The conference… More →

Enrich your Sensei courses with these 3 free extensions

By / — Sensei 1.6 is just around the corner (look out for it later this week), boasting a bunch of awesome new features for your Sensei websites. To whet your appetite for what promises to be a feast of Sensei goodness, we’re delighted to… More →

Fantastic Giveaway from CSSIgniter – 10 Annual Memberships Up for Grabs

By / — Our today's partner for the giveaway is CSSIgniter – a small team of designers and WordPress developers based in Greece. Participating in this competition will give you a chance to win one of 10 annual memberships to all themes catalog of CSSIgniter. More →

Hello WordCamp Manchester, I’m Rhys

By / — So as a way to do a fairly easy blog post (as well as a re-hash of a post I wrote before WordCamp Europe), I thought I’d write a post about me and WordCamp Manchester as a way to try… More →

How The Total WordPress Theme Got Even More Awesome!

By / — If you follow WPExplorer then by now you’ve probably heard of our Total WordPress theme and may actually already be… The post How The Total WordPress Theme Got Even More Awesome! appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to Show Recent Videos From a YouTube Channel in WordPress

By / — YouTube is the largest video hosting site in the world. Video content is highly engaging and a YouTube Channel is the best way to build your audience. In this article, I will show you how to show the latest videos… More →

JSON REST API: Version 1.1

By / — I’m happy to announce the availability of version 1.1 of the JSON REST API. This release is a bit of a smaller, more focussed release as we work on increasing test coverage and squashing bugs. Here’s the juicy details: Add… More →

OptinLinks Review: Add Two-Step Optin Forms for Increased Conversions

By / — OptinLinks is an email sign up form plugin for WordPress. However it’s one with a difference and it works unlike the majority of popup optin form plugins already out there. The key differentiating feature of OptinLinks is that it uses… More →

Popups or No Popups? That Is the Question. . .

By / — One of the long-time feuds in Internet marketing, and more specifically, email marketing, is the dispute on whether or not you should use popups on a website to get people to perform a certain action […] The post Popups or… More →

The State of Premium Themes and How They are Ruining WordPress

By / — There’s been a lot of discussion and coverage lately devoted to the current situation regarding WordPress themes, including where they are now, where they are likely to be heading, and what can be done to rectify the situation. One post… More →

The Wheel Is Fine

By / — Don't reinvent the wheel, unless the wheel needs it. More →

The WhiP Newsletter #28

By / — Daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

VersionPress: Version Control Coming to WordPress

By / — VersionPress is a WordPress plugin currently in development that brings proper version control to the most widely used CMS in the world. VersionPress versions both files and the database in a Git repository which opens the door for many interesting… More →

WPWeekly Episode 152 – Electrifying Interview With Nikhil Vimal Of TechVoltz

By / — At age 15, Nikhil Vimal is the youngest guest to ever be interviewed on WordPress Weekly. Based out of Minnesota, Vimal has quickly made his mark in the WordPress community. He’s already spoken at his first WordCamp and contributed to… More →

We’re Ignoring the WordPress Philosophy: Out of the Box

By / — If you head over to the WordPress.org homepage and click on the About link, you’ll be taken to a page that, y’know, tells what WordPress.org is all about, what the software can be used for, some history, and so on. Then, there… More →

We’ve just finished translating WordPress into Vietnamese and…

By / — We’ve just finished translating WordPress into Vietnamese and I’m trying to release updated translations and an updated version of WordPress to vi.wordpress.org. I’m confused about the process. There’s a tool in the vi.wordpress.org backend that allows me to release updated… More →

What Naming Convention Do You Use For WordPress Media?

By / — After six years of serving cold beverages at the Tavern and publishing more than 2,100 posts, our media library has over 2,770 images. Over the years, the meta information I give images has changed from very little to as descriptive… More →

Why You Should Be Going to WordCamp Europe 2014 in Bulgaria

By / — It’s all settled. The date and location for WordCamp Europe 2014 have been set. The event will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 27–29, 2014 at the National Palace of Culture. Read more on Why You Should Be Going… More →

WordPress JSON REST API Version 1.1 Released with New Authentication Documentation

By / — Over the weekend, Ryan McCue and collaborators released version 1.1 of the JSON REST API plugin. The WP API team is aiming to have it ready for inclusion in WordPress 4.1, which will drop later this year. This release focused… More →

WordPress Tips: 15 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

By / — Only you can make your WordPress site as powerful or weak as you want. Obviously, we all want to build… The post WordPress Tips: 15 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →