WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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By / — I hate working out. These are words I’ve uttered to myself and others for years. I graduated high school ten years ago, and in late high school and early college I was between 165 and 170 pounds. Later in college, and then especially… More →

7 Best Live Chat Support Software for Your WordPress Site

By / — Did you know that nearly 67% users on eCommerce websites abandon their shopping carts without ever making to the checkout page? People like to get answers for their questions, and they want them instantly. This is where live chat comes… More →

Add Courses To Your WordPress Site In Just 10 Minutes, For Free!

By / — How you can use CoursePress to add courses to your WordPress site in less time than it takes to read this post. More →

Altering Registered Post Type Args

By / — Today I was working on a project where I needed to change how a post type had been registered. The post type in question was setting public to false, so the post type was not a public post type. However… More →

BuddyPress Feature Plugin Adds Rich Text Fields to Profiles

By / — Earlier this year, BuddyPress contributors announced that the project would be adopting the features-as-plugins model to help speed up future development. This is the same development model that has been working well for WordPress core, helping four major features land… More →

CTO Joshua Eichorn to Speak at WooCommerce Conference

By / — Our CTO Joshua Eichorn will be speaking at the upcoming WooCommerce Conference during November 3-4 in San Francisco. The conference’s tagline is “Dedicated to store owners & WordPress developers wanting to learn the art of eCommerce using WooCommerce”. The conference this… More →

Case Study: Building Multiple Sites With Canvas

By / — Canvas is our most downloaded theme and has been used for just about everything under the sun. Zain Joyce worked with it to build a family of thirteen sites for Oregon Trail Schools and his use case caught our eye. We hope… More →


By / — Checky tells you how many times a day you check your phone, which Mary Meeker said in 2013 that we do 150 times a day. In a brilliant act of marketing, Checky is brought to you by the same people… More →

Easily Add The Magic Of AJAX To Your WordPress Website Using Plugins

By / — Ever noticed how some websites, and especially web apps never require you to reload the page? The content loads automatically when you click a link, you log in from a little popup and everything is nice and fast. Isn’t that… More →

Envato on The State of WordPress Blogging Themes

By / — Envato has a nice article covering the current state of WordPress blogging themes. The article does a nice job highlighting not only the styles over the years but the inspiration behind them as well. The design traits profiled include: Modern… More →

Fog of Sadness

By / — It’s happened every year for the past five years. Sometimes it sets in the afternoon I arrive home, like today. Sometimes it sets in after I wake up from the post trip nap (last year’s “nap” was 18 hours long,… More →

HTTPS & WordPress – Do You Really Need It?

By / — The Internet isn’t a very safe place for confidential talk. There are thousands of prying eyes waiting to leech your… The post HTTPS & WordPress – Do You Really Need It? appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How Open Source Has Driven the WordPress Revolution

By / — Open source. These two words are the driving force behind the evolution of the CMS that we all know and love, WordPress. Without open source, I highly doubt that WordPress would have gained even half […] The post How Open… More →

How To: Add a Beautiful Slide in Contact Form to WordPress

By / — We all know that having a contact form on your site is essential for most types of website and there are a number of free and premium solutions available for adding a form to a page of your choosing. The… More →

InMotionHosting’s New VPS S-Class Hosting: More RAM. More Storage. More Bandwidth. FREE SSDs.

By / — InMotionHosting has announced the release of the next generation of Virtual Private Server hosting: the VPS S-Class. The new VPS hosting product line brings a number of significant enhancements to the legacy VPS-1000, VPS-2000 and VPS-3000 packages, including free solid-state drives… More →

Is It Maintained? Web App Monitors the Activity of Open Source Projects

By / — If you’ve ever wondered how well an open source project is maintained, you now have a quick way to get an overview, without scouring the project’s issues queue or trying to infer something based on its release history. Is It… More →

Team chat agenda week #39

By / — This week is a bit shy agenda-wise and I expect a brief #wordpress-sfd meetup. Status of granting @Clorith IRC powers – AFAIK this hasn’t been done yet, will ask. Link to IRC #wordpress channel – Simple to setup (the link)… More →

The Magic of Gravity Forms Conditional Logic

By / — I’m a big fan of Gravity Forms, and even a bigger fan of conditional logic. For devs and designers who use Gravity Forms, I’m sure it’s a no-brainer for them to take advantage of it. But there are a lot… More →

The temptation of the green bullet in WP SEO!

By / — This post starts with a confession: up until recently, I always asked my husband to do the page analyses of my blog posts. I have known about SEO for many years now, as Joost never stops talking about it. I… More →

Two Key Principles for Understanding WordPress Functions

By / — If you don’t understand WordPress functions, your code will do a lot of things the hard way. One of WordPress’s greatest strengths is its library of hundreds of predefined PHP functions. These functions are the correct way to do a… More →

Upload Files to the WordPress Media Library

By / — Programmatically uploading files to WordPress is really just the same as uploading files from any source location to a destination. That is to say, there are a number of PHP functions all of which make it pretty easy to deal… More →

We’ve moved the SVN and Trac firehose mailing…

By / — We’ve moved the SVN and Trac firehose mailing lists to lists.wordpress.org, from the legacy lists.automattic.com. If all goes well, we’ll move the rest of them over as well. The one side effect is this is likely to break your existing… More →

Why To Choose A Premium WordPress Theme & How To Customize It

By / — Every developer knows that WordPress is a free content management system, which started as a simple blogging tool and gradually… The post Why To Choose A Premium WordPress Theme & How To Customize It appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

Winners for 3x Premium WordPress Themes from 7Theme Announced

By / — Today we’re very glad to announce 3 winners of our Premium WordPress Themes from 7Theme. First of all, we would like to thank our generous sponsor, 7Theme for sponsoring 3 premium WordPress themes to for 3 our lucky winners. Each of these theme… More →

iThemes Suffers Security Breach, Customers Urged To Reset Passwords

By / — iThemes published details on a security breach that took place earlier today. According to the announcement, after noticing suspicious activity, they noticed a signification attack on their membership database. iThemes urges all customers to reset their passwords immediately. To protect… More →