WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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4.3 Retrospective Results

By / — I missed posting the 4.3 post mortem recap before I went on vacation, so without further ado: We discussed the 4.3 release in Slack, where I asked for things that should be improved and things that went well, in order to get… More →

4.4 Dev Chat, September 23: Suggest items for today’s agenda

By / — Here are my agenda items for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Gardening REST API Feature Plugin Twenty Sixteen oEmbed Feature Plugin Responsive Images Feature Plugin Customizer: Fast Refresh, Roadmap Term Meta Scott vs Boone… More →

8 Ways to Attract Leads That Will Grow Your WordPress Business

By / — Keeping a steady stream of new prospects in your pipeline is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. New clients are like gas to a car – they keep it running. Go too long… More →

A/B Testing with Optimizely: Learn How You Can Get Started Today!

By / — Options. That’s one of the beauties of using WordPress to build your websites. All the different options you have for shaping and styling your website means you have a veritable artist’s pallet of design choices you can make. All those… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on September 23rd

By / — Hola, Polyglots, Here’s the agenda for the chat today: Locale stats metai18n updates Glossaries and Style Guides in Rosetta sites – https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/2015/09/20/translation-style-guides-on-rosetta-sites-glossaries/ Discussion – per locale notifications for GTE for requests on adding per project TE The last one is… More →

Committer Reviews of the REST API

By / — With the proposed merge of the REST API base code into Core, I’d like to try something a little bit different. The REST API is potentially going to cause one of the biggest shifts in workflow that WordPress has seen,… More →

Hi I want to translate WordPress in Sindhi…

By / — Hi I want to translate WordPress in Sindhi. Kindly register me. Here is project link https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/sd More →

Hi makers A new beta release has been…

By / — Hi makers! A new beta release has been published to the Google Play Store beta channel: version 4.6-rc-1. What’s new? A notification will now appear when a Post has been published, let you quickly share the link. We also reintroduced… More →

Highlights From Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A Session on Product Hunt

By / — On September 22nd, Matt Mullenweg participated in a question and answer session on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a site that lets users share and discover new products. In the session, Mullenweg answers questions like what advice he’d give to… More →

How do I choose the right hosting plan?

By / — You want to make sure your hosting needs are adequately addressed without overpaying for a plan that gives you unnecessary capacity and features. Understandable. “How do I choose the right hosting plan?” is probably the most common question we see… More →

How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

By / — We are often asked by new readers about how they can add topics in their WordPress navigation menus. Most users assume that they need to create pages for each topic and add them to menus. However if you do that,… More →

How to Find the Best Free WordPress Plugins (Hint: It’s Not WordPress.org)

By / — Trying to find decent free WordPress plugins in the official plugin directory can be a chore at the best of times. Who has time to search through 40k plugins? So here's an alternative we like that's curated and even a… More →

How to improve your SEO with WooCommerce product tags

By / — Football season is starting again in the United States. And as many fans well know, whether or not a team wins a game depends on nearly countless factors — how loud you yell at your television not withstanding. Search engine optimization, often… More →

Infinite Scrolling in WordPress

By / — Infinite scrolling is one of those things that makes you feel ultra-cool. It also came up as a requirement on a recent client project. This tutorial is a bit technical—you’ll need to understand jQuery and PHP—but it works just as… More →

Master: Premium Theme For Blogs and Magazines

By / — WordPress began as a blogging platform, and even today, its primary usage remains that of a blogging tool. In other words, while WordPress can and does power eCommerce as well as portfolio sites, its focus still remains on sites where… More →

Outlining a possible roadmap for the Customizer

By / — Planning for the future is a necessary and important part of the WordPress development process. As we consider the future of WordPress – both as a whole and individual features – we publish proposed roadmaps to encourage greater discussion and… More →

PremiumCoding Competition: Win x3 Year Memberships with 12 Great WordPress Themes

By / — Today we have a competition in cooperation with PremiumCoding to offer you the chance to win 1 of 3 yearly memberships to their theme club worth $89 each. PremiumCoding recently switched over to a club membership model so this now… More →

Reflections on Content Marketing: Why ‘Yes’ Works Better than ‘No’ – BobWP

By / — Readers want content that helps them understand how to be better at what they do, not blog posts that tell them about the mistakes they are making. The post Reflections on Content Marketing: Why ‘Yes’ Works Better than ‘No’ appeared… More →

SEO friendly URLs

By / — The subject is up for much discussion: SEO friendly URLs. Should or shouldn’t I include the category? Should the URL be as short as possible or is there room for extra’s? Should it be stuffed with keywords or not? In… More →

Stupid Easy

By / — Who are you writing your code for? How will they use it? Do they need simple or complex? More →

The WordPress REST API Is One Major Step Closer to Being Merged Into Core

By / — After more than three years of development, the WordPress REST API is one major step closer to getting merged into core. Ryan McCue, a lead contributor to the project, published the first official proposal to merge the API into WordPress.… More →

This week in Twenty Sixteen

By / — The usual meetings at 16:00 UTC have been held in #core-themes on Monday and Fridays. There was a slightly longer meeting this week to work through issues and pull requests. Twenty Sixteen looks good for a merge to core at… More →

Using PHP CodeSniffer For MAMP and WordPress

By / — Every developer with his or her weight will say writing quality code is key to making sure a project is maintainable over time. What constitutes quality code may be subjective and this is not the post to debate that; however,… More →

WP Comment Humility Relocates the Comments Top-level Menu Item to the Posts Menu

By / — One of the key features in WordPress 4.3 is that comments on pages are disabled by default. If you only enable comments for posts, you may be interested in WP Comment Humility, a new plugin created by John James Jacoby… More →

What one can learn from the first WordCamp?

By / — I fell in love with WordCamps since my first interaction with WordPress. Unfortunately, I have never been able to attend one myself. I was closing in on attending WordCamp Europe 2015, but could not get past the visa hurdles. I… More →