WordPress News Digest for Thursday, October 23, 2014

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20 WordPress Themes Built For Freelancers

By / — There is nothing more exciting than striking it our on your own as a freelancer. Being your own boss, while… The post 20 WordPress Themes Built For Freelancers appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

5 Free Lightbox Plugins to Create Beautiful Popup Boxes

By / — Lightboxes are one of the oldest and most popular functionalities of plugin-extended WordPress media management. Whether you’re a freelancer trying to make your portfolio more appealing to clients, or a restaurant owner trying to entice […] The post 5 Free… More →

9 Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Site Into an Online Magazine

By / — Online magazines are a hot commodity, but if you're sticking with standard WordPress posts for constructing your publication's content, you're missing out. These plugins will help you build a stellar WordPress-based magazine that looks and feels the part. More →

DradCast Episode 064: Review. Refine. Repeat.

By / — Show Notes: Host After deciding the world of marketing and business development wasn’t for him, Greg Taylor started his journey with WordPress development and content marketing. His company Marketing Press helps businesses achieve a great looking site, […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

ElegantThemes Monarch Plugin Competition: Win 2 Lifetime Accounts Worth $249

By / — We have again teamed up again with our friends at ElegantThemes to celebrate the launch of their new social sharing plugin named Monarch. We are giving you the chance to win 2 Lifetime memberships to the site which are worth… More →

FB Rooms

By / — We’re not trying to build the next Snapchat — we’re trying to build the next WordPress. — Josh Miller from Facebook Uh, okay! From the Verge’s article Facebook's new Rooms app brings bite-sized forums to your iPhone. More →

Giveaway from InMotion Hosting Winners Announcement

By / — Last week we ran this awesome giveaway and you had an opportunity to win one of 2 yearly hosting accounts. Today is the time to announce our winners. More →

How To Use WordPress Featured Images In Your Posts & Themes

By / — WordPress is known as a top blogging platform, of course, but one of the major components of blogging involves the use of images. It’s common practice now to populate blog posts with plenty of images to keep visitors engaged. Because… More →

How to Add Custom Fields to Comments Form in WordPress

By / — WordPress comes with a built-in comment system which allows you to have lively discussion around your content. By default, the comment area shows 4 fields (name, email, website address, and message). Recently one of our users asked us if they… More →

How to Easily Change User Roles Capabilities and Permissions in WordPress

By / — By default, WordPress comes with 5 user roles – Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. For WordPress multisite installation, there’s additional role, Super Admin, to manage all sites in the network. Each and every one of these roles has its own… More →

How to Use Customer Purchase Behavior to Your Advantage

By / — This is a tough subject to cover. There are as many ways to use customer purchase behavior as there are customers and potential customers, and as many customers and potential customers as there are people. Figuring out buyer behavior in… More →

Interview with Chris Lema on Thinking Strategically

By / — Starting and growing a successful business requires focus, hard work, and a great deal of industry knowledge. Understanding how to select and appeal to a target market, increase efficiency, and grow revenue are just a few of […] The post Interview with… More →

JSTOR Launches Online Daily Magazine Using WordPress

By / — In a strategic effort to make academic journals more relevant to your average reader, JSTOR has launched an online daily magazine. The digital academic library offers full-text searches of 2,000+ journals, e-books, and primary sources. JSTOR Daily will serve to… More →

Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A Session From WordCamp Europe

By / — While not all the sessions from WordCamp Europe are up quite yet, this week you can check out the Q&A between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik. The session includes Mullenweg’s thoughts on the current status of WordPress, the media… More →

Organizing WordPress Meta Box Code

By / — When working with themes or public-facing views for a website, WordPress components can generally be thought of in three distinct areas: Templates are used for rendering the view (that is, the markup and the styles) of data. Partials are reusable… More →

Pagely Un-Party at WordCamp San Francisco 2014 #wcsf

By / — Our CEO Joshua Strebel and I will be attending WordCamp San Francisco this weekend. For those of you attending #wcsf, on Friday night between 8-11pm we’ll be having a social Un-Party at our hotel lobby bar, the Parc 55. It’s located… More →

Pinterest marketing for your business

By / — Pinterest is growing fast and has definitely found a steady position in the social media landscape. It’s like collecting baseball cards. It’s creating mood boards for your home redecoration. It’s your online recipe book. And Pinterest marketing could help your business… More →

SiteCondor SEO WordPress Plugin Review

By / — As a webmaster you know how important it is to keep your site healthy. There are many issues to worry about – broken links, missing images/titles/headings, unnecessary redirects, poorly structured URLs, server errors – just to name a few. These… More →

Support Team Update for October 23rd

By / — Items discussed at today’s #wordpress-sfd meetup: WCSF 2014 We are ready for WCSF 2014 and the following contributor events, so much excitement! @macmanx will be the point person and will do the 20 to 30 minute (with questions) introductory speech… More →

The Lowdown On WordPress Custom Post Types

By / — WordPress can display a plethora of different types of content, but organizing it can be tough. The default options are… The post The Lowdown On WordPress Custom Post Types appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Use the Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin to Easily Add Attractive Elements to Your Content

By / — Shortcodes in WordPress are small pieces of text that you can add to your posts and pages which are replaced by a corresponding piece of content when the post or page is published. For example, you could add the shortcode… More →

WordPress Core Weekly

By / — Hi everyone! It’s this time of the week again: WordPress Core Weekly is here. This updates covers all commits since last week up to today, October 23rd. In case you missed it, there has been quite some activity here. I recommend… More →

WordPress Database Connection Problems with Solutions

By / — If you’ve been playing around with WordPress for some time, then chances are that you’ve been in a situation where your WordPress site won’t connect to your database. You get a message such as – “Cannot establish connection to database”.… More →