WordPress News Digest for Friday, October 23, 2015

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10 Small Business WordPress Themes for Startups 2015

By / — Starting and running a small business is an exciting proposition, but it's also an incredibly challenging undertaking for an entrepreneur.¬†As a startup, you need build your presence and showcase your products or service to the world. Well, The Internet is… More →

4.4 Taxonomy Roundup

By / — We’ve made lots of improvements to the Taxonomy component for WordPress 4.4. Let’s round ’em up, pardner!ūüźī Term Meta The most significant improvement is the introduction of term meta #10142. Use the new term meta API – add_term_meta(), update_term_meta(), delete_term_meta(),… More →

A Quick Guide to the Services that Make Up the Web Industry

By / — In this week’s post¬†over at the Press Up blog, we give you quick run down of the different services that make up the web industry. If you’ve ever had a hard time making it clear to clients what you can… More →

Embedding and Using Icon Fonts With WordPress

By / — Images are great and all, but they offer up challenges for websites: they require extra HTTP requests, they add file weight, and they don‚Äôt scale well. Icon fonts, on the other hand, need just one HTTP request for any size… More →

Embracing Deadlines: 10 Time Management Techniques for WordPress Developers

By / — As a WordPress developer, time is one of your greatest enemies. In a perfect world, tight deadlines would be something you’d simply never suffer from. In the real world, even the simplest of projects has the potential to spiral out… More →

How To Make Your Business More Customer-Centric

By / — In today‚Äôs noisy digital marketplace it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the competition. As customer‚Äôs wants and needs continue to evolve, one thing stays the same – customer-centricity is the key to breeding brand loyalty. A great product… More →

How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts

By / — Inline related posts are becoming really popular thanks to larger news sites. An inline related post is basically a link to a relevant article in the middle of a blog post which is proving to increase pageviews. In this article,… More →

Mailbag: Why Jekyll?

By / — Why would I go to Jekyll when I could have WordPress? More →

Nikhil Vimal Acquires Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin From Pippin Williamson

By / — Nikhil Vimal, who runs Techvoltz.com, a WordPress development agency, is the new owner of the Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin created by Pippin Williamson. Earlier this month, Williamson put the plugin up for sale and noted that it… More →

Nikhil Vimal adopts Front End Registration and Login Forms plugin

By / — Several years ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to create custom registration and log in forms. That tutorial was shortly after transformed into a complete plugin that has been sold on this site¬†since. It was a fun and popular… More →

Support Team meetup summary for October 22nd

By / — Items discussed at yesterday’s Support team meetup. Wrangling volunteers We want to encourage people to become a part of support and stick around. We want to¬†recognize and let people know when their efforts are good and appreciated. We do not… More →

The Best WordPress Themes For Buinesses

By / — For any business a key aspect of your business plan should be your website. Our generation is getting more tech… The post The Best WordPress Themes For Buinesses appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Two Reasons For a Changelog

By / — You've likely often heard of programmers talking about change logs. Whether you've heard good things depends upon the developers with whom you've interacted. Sometimes, I think we get a little exhausted writing change logs. This ends up manifesting itself in… More →

Under the hood of Twenty Sixteen

By / — Twenty Sixteen is the new default theme for WordPress 4.4. This year the process has been done differently, with an¬†exciting exploration of how default themes are created. The theme has been developed on GitHub and you can follow along here.… More →

WP Ninjas Friday Roundup

By / — As our team has grown, an ecosystem of creative ideas has grown around our flagship product, Ninja Forms. Those ideas take different forms (:p), but one of the most consistent ways we‚Äôve been expressing ourselves is through writing and code.… More →

WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 5

By / — Version 2.0 Beta 5 “¬°Ay, caramba!” of the REST API is now available. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub. This is a compatibility release with WordPress 4.4 Beta 1, and is required to use the plugin alongside… More →

Weekly SEO recap: Facebook search, Yahoo! & Google

By / — This was quite the week in terms of search engine events. Yahoo!¬†&¬†Google doing a deal, Bing losing a key person, Google in yet another lawsuit, etc. etc. etc. And while all that seemed¬†so important Thursday afternoon as I was writing… More →

WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 Released

By / — After more than eight weeks in development, WordPress 4.4. beta 1 is available for testing. With over 1,600 commits since WordPress 4.3’s release, it’s important that 4.4 be tested by as many people as possible. Commits are bug fixes, additional… More →

WordPress Android 4.7-rc-1 released!

By / — What’s new: Stats widget now available for your home screen Filter bar added to Notifications tab for your browsing pleasure Various bug fixes and improvements such as improved offline support in the Reader Want the latest features (and latest bugs),… More →