WordPress News Digest for Monday, November 23, 2015

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10 Of The Best Portfolio WordPress Themes In 2015

By / — With this ever evolving digital age, the need for making our presence known online is of paramount importance. Be it… The post 10 Of The Best Portfolio WordPress Themes In 2015 appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

9 Awesome and Obscure WordPress Features You Didn’t Know Existed

By / — While we use WordPress daily, it’s easy to overlook new, helpful features that were included in the most recent release. Take a peek at this handy article from Daniel Pataki over at wpmudev to see if there are any WordPress… More →

Automattic Unveils Open Source WordPress.com Desktop Application for the Mac

By / — In the last two years, Automattic has made significant improvements to WordPress.com and Jetpack. From managing plugins, themes, and other updates to New Dash and a revamped post editor. The individual changes represent iteration but when seen as a whole,… More →

Automattic has released an open source WordPress.com Mac app

By / — Calypso is an ambitious Mac app from Automattic to bring the WordPress publishing and site management experience to the desktop. More →

Can You Name 99 Things You Love in 10 Minutes? – BobWP

By / — This Thanksgiving, I decided to try the Mother of all Gratitude Challenges. I decided to try to name 99 things I love in 10 minutes. Did I succeed? Could you? The post Can You Name 99 Things You Love in… More →

Come Party With WP Engine At WordCamp US 2015

By / — WordCamp US is fast approaching and we’ve got some exciting news to share about the inaugural event, including our top picks on what to do this year. From must-see guest speakers, to free swag, to the after-party, here’s our list of… More →

Dance to Calypso

By / — One of the hardest things to do in technology is disrupt yourself. But we’re trying our darndest, and have some cool news to introduce today. When I took on the responsibility of CEO of Automattic January of last year, we… More →

Distributed Teams Best Practices: 9 Lessons Learned

By / — As distributed teams become more widely accepted, especially in the tech space, we thought it would be beneficial to share some insights on what it takes to build and run an effective distributed team. While we could simply draw on… More →

EP163 – Tips for presenting at WordPress meetups – Nov 23 2015 – WPwatercooler

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing some tips for presenting at a WordPress meetup. Show airs Nov 23 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 6PM UTC The post EP163 – Tips for presenting at WordPress meetups – Nov… More →

How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

By / — By default WordPress allows you to schedule your posts to be published later. But we’ve often seen people forgetting to schedule their posts. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a to automatically schedule WordPress posts? In this article, we… More →

How to Boost Your Website Traffic With a Custom Mobile App From Mobiloud

By / — With a majority of internet users switching to mobile devices, it’s important not to leave them out in the cold. What do you do when a responsive web design just doesn’t cut it anymore? Smartphone users are increasing every day… More →

I Am The 20%, And So Are You

By / — I have always and will always fight for the users. Even when they outnumber me. I am the 20%. More →

Meeting Agenda No topic up for discussion at…

By / — Meeting Agenda: No topic up for discussion at the moment. Have a topic you would like to bring up in our next meeting? Let us know in the comments. More →

Source and Distribution Directories in WordPress Development

By / — When organizing assets in a project, it's common to see source and distribution directories. Sometimes these are organizes a little different, but they generally serve the same purpose. Overtime, I've moved from one form of organization to another. And I've… More →

The Best 10 WordPress Translation Plugins for Going Multilingual

By / — Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to content, optimization, responsiveness, SEO, and marketing, you might still be missing out on a lot of potential site visitors due to the simple fact that not everyone in the world… More →

The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

By / — Podcasts have become one of my favorite ways to consume business material. While I still love reading and will always treasure books, podcasts make it possible for me to make even better use of my time. Before the advent of… More →

The Confetti Bar Celebrates Better Site Speed, Traffic

By / — TheConfettiBar.com isn’t just an ordinary site. Dedicated to creating joy and spreading smiles around their community, co-owner Cliff Huizenga explained, “we want to do more than just sell confetti. It’s our mission to inspire, connect and uplift the creative community… More →

The ThemeShaper JavaScript Theme Tutorial

By / — Introduction WordPress theming hasn’t changed very much over the past few years. It’s certainly become more refined, and projects such … Continue reading → More →

The new WordPress.com

By / — I haven’t been blogging here much lately, but I have been spending a lot of time on WordPress.com. Automattic has spent the past 20 months building an entirely new user interface (codenamed “Calypso”) for WordPress.com, one where you can manage all… More →

Torque Weekly Digest: 11/23/15

By / — Here we provide a weekly recap of the biggest stories from torquemag.io. Dedicated to informing new and advanced WordPress users about the industry, Torque is a hub for WordPress news, business, and community. Here are some of last week’s top stories from… More →

Tracking Bills and Receipts with WordPress

By / — You can do more with WordPress than just build website – it's a content management system, after all. Here's how developer Daniel Pataki uses WordPress to track his bills. More →

Trust and theme updates

By / — In the past week or so, we’ve had to suspend a couple of themes from the directory. Suspending a theme is something that we never like to do. It’s usually more of a last resort type of thing. However, there… More →

Your Plugin Committers Should be Your Developers

By / — After we started pushing back on the auto-reply stuff, a couple plugin devs said that they used their support accounts (like support@example.com) as their committer so that they could get email updates from the forums. This is a terrible idea.… More →