WordPress News Digest for Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Coming back around

By / — One of the funny things about having a louder voice is that sometimes it can feel stifled. I think a lot about WordPress, of course, but I shy away from saying much about the things I think could be neat… More →

Enterprise Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

By / — The Enterprise Pro Child Theme is a great option for many kinds of business sites. The homepage offers several widget areas that give you more control over what content shows up there. This tutorial will help you understand more about… More →

Hearts Fell on Alabama

By / — “The Attorney General does not explain how allowing or recognizing same-sex marriage between two consenting adults will prevent heterosexual parents or other biological kin from caring for their biological children … He proffers no justification for why it is that the… More →

Hover.css Project

By / — Hover.css is an interesting project that is available to contribute to on Github. This library is a collection of different CSS effects that be applied to single elements. The project effects are self contained pieces of CSS that can be… More →

How to Let Users Login to WordPress Using an Email Address

By / — It’s not unusual for users to forget the username they chose when signing up for a WordPress site. Or, when registering for a site, a user might discover the username they want is already taken. Fortunately, you can give users… More →

If Apple Made Milk

By / — If Apple Made Milk, and Other Super-Cool Imaginary Product Packaging, cool work by the artist Peddy Mergui. (Who uses WordPress.) More →

The Good and The Not-Great #1: Media Library

By / — Several music professors of mine had very similar rules about giving feedback in weekly group masterclass: lead off with something positive, always frame criticism in a constructive manner, and try to use “and” instead of “but” whenever possible. I’m going… More →

WordPress Sticky Posts: How to Use & Style Them

By / — One of the basic best practices of setting up a blog is to break your topic down into categories and tags. The hierarchy of specificity on a blog should go something like this: Topic > Category > Tag > Post title.… More →