WordPress News Digest for Sunday, January 24, 2016

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Accessibility code standards for WordPress in draft

By / — The accessibility code standards for WordPress have been added to the core handbook and are open for feedback over the next two week. Also see the Core blog announcement and the draft standards themselves! More →

FYI plugins are broken again https make wordpress…

By / — FYI, plugins are broken again. Same issues that were happening two weeks ago… tl;dr – we’re not approving ANY new plugins until it’s fixed and if someone has commit problems, please send them to that post and let them know… More →

House Porn

By / — Last weekend I got to do something fun; the contractor who built my house came by with her photographer to take a few glamour shots of the place. I hesitated to post these here, because it feels a little bit silly, but… More →

Why large websites should avoid full pagination

By / — One of my long-standing navigation requirements for any website is pagination. It should be possible to see how many pages of content a site has, and it should be possible to jump to any page. However, I’ve found this doesn’t really… More →