WordPress News Digest for Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Display Unique WordPress Headers Wherever You’d Like

By / — Display unique headers for categories, pages, posts, and even tag pages. More →

Following the guidelines for links on Rosetta site’s…

By / — Following the guidelines for links on Rosetta site’s, discussed earlier, here’s a suggested procedure for implementing said guidelines. In a nutshell, when offending links are found on a Rosetta site: Validators will be contacted, and given two weeks to clean… More →

Media Grid: Thumbnail Resizing

By / — Outside of a grid layout, there are a few other features that the Media Grid team has been discussing. Lets talk about one of these feature: Thumbnail Resizing. Recap: Why a grid? The entire purpose of moving towards a grid layout… More →

Scope Creep: Constraints, Products, and Time

By / — Regardless of the type of project you’re working on – being side projects, freelance projects, or corporate projects – one of the things that plagues businesses the most is scope creep. To be clear, this is not an indictment of any… More →

WPWeekly Episode 149 – Drew Strojny Of The Theme Foundry

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, we were joined by Drew Strojny, founder of The Theme Foundry, to discuss their latest product, Make. Make is a free, drag and drop theme that makes it easy to manipulate the design of… More →

We’re ready for more contributors to join us on the WP Metadata UI / API project

By / — Where we need help most Field Types – We need help building new field types, we currently have a few basic fields to start off with including the Text, Textarea, URL, Date, and Hidden field types. Actions / Filters –… More →