WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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3 Minutes to Get 120% More Emails on Your WordPress Site

By / — Email is extremely important to online businesses. It is the most effective and scalable way to communicate with your audience. For example, AppSumo is a seven figure business only from email. And my friend Ramit’s blog, I Will Teach You to… More →

5 Plugins to Optimize Media Files in WordPress

By / — Managing media is one of those experiences that keeps getting better out of the box in WordPress. But it is also one of the hardest parts of running any website. Images, video, and audio often […] The post 5 Plugins… More →

A Guide To Becoming a Respectable WordPress Professional

By / — Professionals make the most money, have the most influence and generally have it good. They also fair well when faced… The post A Guide To Becoming a Respectable WordPress Professional appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

A New Resource Devoted To WordPress and Photographers

By / — WP Photographers, is a new resource created by Aaron Hockley, to help photographers and WordPress users share their photos and build photography businesses. Whether you’re a beginner or a photographer looking for the best webhosting service, WP Photographers has you… More →

Addressing the Recent Bash Exploit

By / — You might have already heard, but a remotely exploitable vulnerability has been found in the widely installed Bash shell. While we do not offer SSH access to our customers, our admin team is currently upgrading Bash across the farm in… More →

Corporate News

By / — The Invasion of Corporate News. More →

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da – The WhiP #91

By / — iThemes security breach, eLearning and WordPress, plus more beautiful theme designs. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Don’t Be Afraid of Looking Foolish

By / — Get messy, dance like no one's watching, and learn from those mistakes. More →

Flox: Privately Hosted Social Networks Powered by WordPress and BuddyPress

By / — Every day, millions of people mindlessly pump content into social networks that are owned by someone else. These massive data silos plaster your feed with advertising and blatantly disregard user privacy. It’s a symbiotic relationship wherein you are the product… More →

GavickPro Releases Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for Design, Art and Photography Websites

By / — A few months ago, the folks at GavickPro abandoned their GavernWP Framework in favor of using the WordPress customizer for theme options. The shop’s customers found the original framework to be too cumbersome and confusing, so the GavickPro team decided… More →

Google’s Search in Sitelinks and WordPress SEO

By / — Recently, Google introduced the new “search in sitelinks” box for a lot more sites. In the past this used to be restricted to YouTube and a few other sites. If your site is eligible, you’ll see it by Googling your brand,… More →

How Public Perception of WordPress Influences Developer Contracts

By / — If the WordPress community is your only barometer of knowing how an open source community works together, then you might want to explore outside a bit further to gain a broader outlook on other cultures. Some of the differences are… More →

How To: Add Product Reviews to WordPress with Rich Snippets for Free

By / — If you review products or services on your WordPress site then using a plugin to handle the scores which outputs rich snippets for the search engines can greatly enhance your SEO and click through rates in the search results. With… More →

How to Add Estimated Post Reading Time in WordPress

By / — If you’ve read an article from Medium before, you probably notice there’s a text displaying estimated post reading time for every article. This is quite useful and gives an idea about how long the article is. If you’re looking to… More →

How to Connect Google Drive to your WordPress Media Library

By / — Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud storage to all Google account users. With newer Android phones people can auto upload photos to their Google Drive account. Recently one of our users asked us if if it was possible… More →

How to Install and Setup WP Rocket and MaxCDN in WordPress

By / — If you have been blogging for a while, then you probably know how important it is to have a fast loading website. Small time delays can have a big impact on user-experience and seemingly small impact on the site rankings.… More →

Interview with Bob Dunn on WordPress Education

By / — Recent statistics estimate that WordPress is used by a whopping 23.1% of the internet. Given the ubiquity of WordPress, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a growing demand for WordPress education. Whether you’re just starting out […] The post Interview with… More →

Maximizing the Potential of Google Analytics – WPCAST016

By / — In this episode, we go beyond the basics of Google Analytics and talk about how you can use it effectively. More →

Open Source Challenges: Software Identity

By / — A couple of weeks ago, I made the move to Overcast as my primary podcast application on my phone. I absolutely dig it, but one of the things that I respect most comes in the FAQ of the application: There’s… More →

The Mindset of Security

By / — Security isn’t about the right passwords, upgrades, and plugins, it’s about you doing what’s right. This great post by Mika Epstein (based on her recent talk at WordCamp LAX) addresses what you can do to combat WordPress ignorance and ensure you’re… More →

The WPLift Guide to WordPress & PDF: Free WordPress PDF Plugins

By / — PDFs are a really handy file format for letting people view information exactly as you intended it across all platforms, they are great for things like forms for people to download and print off, menus and other forms of documentation.… More →

Version 1.3.6 of Storage for Contact Form 7 Plugin

By / — I have updated the Storage for Contact Form 7 plugin to keep the uploaded form files even when they are not sent in e-mail. It was a request from a user who wanted to avoid sending large files in e-mail and still have a… More →

Weekly meeting notes

By / — Today we spoke about Contribution Days. For those of you that don’t know, each Tuesday at 17:00 UTC we now have a meeting in IRC #wordpress-themes. @samuelsidler had a few comments to start the conversation: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2014/09/09/weekly-meeting-notes/#comment-36060 Here are this week’s… More →

WordPress Heartbeat vs AJAX Polling

By / — WordPress 3.6 introduced the "Heartbeat API". This API is used internally by WordPress to keep track of logged in users and their active sessions. If you've ever been asked to log into WordPress while navigating the admin panel, then you've… More →

WordPress vs. Ghost – Which Blogging Platform Is Right For You?

By / — In 2012 John O’Nolan–designer, developer and former deputy head of the WordPress UX team–published a radical new design concept. It was original, elegant, simple, and made instant waves in both the WordPress community and the wider blogging community. The concept was… More →