WordPress News Digest for Friday, October 24, 2014

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BBEdit 11.0 Release Notes

By / — Two big things that are now off my wishlist: There is a new control in the status bar at the bottom of text views; it displays the current magnification of the view and allows you to change it. The control… More →

Best WordPress Video Chat Plugins – Based on Your Needs

By / — There are many amazing video chat plugins for WordPress, but which one to choose? That's the real question. It's certainly a fantastic way to connect to your customers, audience, and team from around the world, all in the comfort of… More →

Case Study: BrightWatches™

By / — “Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.” – Abraham Lincoln We’re with Abe on this one, taking time to do things well and properly is a very good time and when it comes to building a website to showcase… More →

Even Better Drag And Drop!

By / — Another really quick bit of fun with dragging media into your browser. More →

Farben Premium WordPress Theme

By / — This is the latest theme that I created based on a design by Sonia Gaballa from Nudge Design. It features an awesome color picker that provides the user with a… More →

Feature Testing at WordCamp San Francisco

By / — Getting feedback from real users is incredibly valuable, and WCSF occurs at a great time in the 4.1 dev cycle to do that. We will have a space next to the happiness bar to solicit feedback on upcoming features. In… More →

Free Resources for WordPress and Web Professionals

By / — Here we have a new collection with 25 freebies just for you. They conform a fantastic set of tools that will help you with your next WordPress blog entry or web development endeavor. You will find elements going from massive… More →

Hi can someone change kyrgyz language’s country code…

By / — Hi, can someone change kyrgyz language’s country code from KY to KG, because KY is not Kyrgyzstan’s country code. Also I want to change Rosetta site’s name to “Кыргызча”. More →

How To Change Title Of WooCommerce Shop For SEO

By / — Changing Title Of Shop Page For SEO In WooCommerce Ok, so I have just literally done this and some of you may well have searched the web to find out how to change the SEO title for your newly created… More →

How to Prevent Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress

By / — Did you know that post title and URL play an important role in SEO? Having a duplicate post title can negatively affect SEO performance of your site. WordPress deals with duplicate post titles by adding a number at the end… More →

Making it Home

By / — I haven’t posted since moving in to the new place. Spoiler alert: it’s great. It’s been a lot of work, too, and a huge emotional adjustment to getting back to living by myself again. Sunday will mark one month since… More →

MediaPress Now in Beta: A New Media Gallery Plugin for BuddyPress

By / — For a long time, BuddyPress has been sorely in need of better support for media, as images, video, and audio play a major part in connecting people on social networks. BuddyPress core has adopted the features-as-plugin development model to help… More →

No WordCamp SF 2014 For Me

By / — Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to attend WordCamp SF 2014. My apologies to those who I was planning to meet up with. I’ll miss seeing you folks there – but have fun and do great work! More →

The Beginner’s Guide to Akismet

By / — When you first install WordPress, you’ll find that you already have two plugins installed: Akismet and Hello Dolly. Hello Dolly — a fun and rather lyrical plugin developed by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg — displays random lyrics […] The post The Beginner’s… More →

Top 6 Booking Plugins For WordPress

By / — Whether you run a hair salon, work as a consultant or manage a hotel, being able to make and book appointments is undoubtedly essential for business. With many of these types of businesses running a WordPress powered website, many business owners… More →

Updated WordPress Themes Are Different WordPress Themes

By / — Designers and developers, by their nature I think, are attracted to new things if for no other reason than to see how it’s designed, how it’s put together, how it functions, and so on. I don’t consider that a positive… More →

Watch WordCamp San Francisco Livestream

By / — WordCamp San Francisco is the official annual WordPress conference, gathering the community every year since 2006. This is the time when Matt Mullenweg addresses the community in his annual State of the Word presentation – a recap of  the year in WordPress and giving us a… More →

What to Look For in a Web Developer

By / — If you’ve been working in the web development industry for any length of time, you’ve probably already figured out it can be a bit of a jungle out there. This week’s post from our sister site WP Business Tips breaks down… More →

WordCamp SF Live Stream

By / — WordCamp San Francisco, the original, starts tomorrow and the tweets are already starting to stream in. On Sunday at 11AM I will deliver my State of the Word address, our annual look at where we’ve been and the road ahead,… More →