WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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A Legal Perspective on WordPress

By / — I spend a good amount of my time reading other WordPress-related blogs. I also am always on the lookout for anything new and unique. That is what happened just a few weeks ago when I found the blog WP And… More →

A Quick Tip For Reading Files with PHP

By / — If you’re in the business of building plugins – regardless of if it’s for fun or profit – the odds that you’re eventually going to have to read the contents of a file are relatively high. This could be for… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat for Feb 25

By / — Happy Wednesday! Time for the weekly chat agenda, about an hour to the EU chat, so feel free to join us in #Polyglots on Slack for today’s discussion. Short agenda Locale stats after the 4.1.1 release Tech stats / updates… More →

CSS Hero Review & Giveaway: Taking The Pain Out Of WordPress Customization

By / — No website is complete without a design that grabs and holds your reader’s attention. With so many themes for WordPress sites on the market, it can be easy be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. How do you know which… More →

Dev Chat Agenda, February 25, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Feature Plugins – The Customizer Theme Switcher and Press This were merged into core on Tuesday. Please test and create new tickets for any issues… More →

Emoji Chat Agenda, February 25, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Emoji Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: Immediately after the Dev Chat. Emoji Helper – On platforms that don’t have an emoji keyboard, should we provide one? Performance – When we’re falling back… More →

Envato Continues to Rake in the Cash from WordPress Themes Packaged as Complete Website Solutions

By / — This week Envato published stats on how WordPress product sellers are doing within its economy. Theme authors make up the bulk of WordPress-based earnings on its marketplace and continue to dominate sales. Inspired by his interaction with the WordPress business… More →

High Risk Security Vulnerability Discovered in WP Slimstat, Update Immediately

By / — If you use WP Slimstat, you’ll want to make sure you’re using version 3.9.6 or later as Sucuri has discovered a severe SQL injection vulnerability in versions 3.9.5 and lower. WP Slimstat is an analytics plugin for WordPress that provides… More →

How To Handle Refunds & Quick Update on WPcast – WPCAST038

By / — In this episode, we we answer a listener question about refunds and discuss the future of WPcast. More →

How To Make Your WordPress Website Multi-Lingual

By / — By default, WordPress is not a multi-lingual platform. It was not designed to support more than one language at a time. Fortunately the WordPress community has solved this problem by developing plugins that will translate your website or content into… More →

How to Archive Posts Without Deleting Them in WordPress

By / — Have you ever wanted to hide older posts from your blog without deleting them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just archive a post similar to archive emails? In this article, we will show you how to archive posts… More →

Manifesto Boosts Flexibility, Reliability, And Speed With WP Engine [Case Study]

By / — London-based Manifesto builds and manages websites across multiple platforms and for a wide portfolio of clients including Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and the Children’s Society. When a client needs a site that can be built quickly and scale to… More →

Multisite Office Hours Recap (February 24, 2015)

By / — Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 21:00UTC in #core-multisite and are followed by a casual bug scrub / ticket conversation at 22:00 UTC. We had a great conversation in office hours today around network types as a follow-up… More →

Nightly Charging Means No Sleep Tracking

By / — As I plugged in my Garmin VivoSmart this morning for a couple of hours to give it its week-long plus battery cycle it occurred to me: if I had to take this off every night to charge it I wouldn’t… More →

On Productivity

By / — I often see posts that are full of “productivity hacks” or similar tips from successful business people and entrepreneurs. My friend Syed Balkhi just shared his. I should admit something: I have almost no such hacks and I do not… More →

On WordPress.com and Bitcoin

By / — There’s been some controversy and discussion about the fact that WordPress.com no longer support Bitcoin in our new checkout flow on signup. (It’s still there in some other flows.) Since there has been a lot of discussion about it, I… More →

PixelKit Web UI Kits & Resources Competition: Win x3 Yearly Designer Memberships

By / — We have a cool new competition for you today, we have teamed up with PixelKit who provide website UI kits and design resources for use in your web designs. They are offering 3 designer membership plans for a year which… More →

Revive Old Post: Auto-Share Your Published WordPress Blog Content

By / — If you’ve got lots of great content on your blog from months or even years gone by that you think still offers value to your target audience and followers, then plugin we are looking at today gives you a hands-off way… More →

Roots WordPress Starter Theme Rebrands as Sage with 8.0 Release

By / — The Roots starter theme for WordPress has rebranded as “Sage” with its 8.0.0 release today. Roots project creator Ben Word announced last year that he planned to change the theme to be framework agnostic in 2015. This release is the… More →

Simple way of using Twitter to measure brand strength

By / — The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a way of using Twitter as a tool to measure your own brand influence. To better illustrate this I am going to use the study of our own Twitter account which at… More →

Slack: Introducing WordPress Translate bot

By / — If you haven’t heard of Slack yet you should go ahead and join the WordPress team on Slack and then look for the #Polyglots channel. The #Polyglots channel on Slack is where we have our weekly chats and where you… More →

The Best Pay Wall WordPress Plugins

By / — After blogging for a while you might want to start making money from all your efforts. Maybe you create a web series that you want to keep hidden only for exclusive guests, or maybe it’s time to see if your… More →

Thursday February 26th LearnUp

By / — Our first LearnUp is scheduled for Thursday February 26th at 1600 GMT. Just prior to the time a link will be published in the #forum Slack channel to a Google Hangout, so if you intend to join visit the Slack… More →

Truly useful WordPress development tools: Sass, local development, and Git

By / — As web developers go, I’m a pragmatist. I have a core set of development practices that work well for me, and I’m not constantly bounding forward to the bleeding edge of dev technology. If you’re […] The post Truly useful… More →

Twitter introduces an official plugin for WordPress

By / — Twitter has finally announced an official WordPress plugin. It's pretty thorough, and on a quick test run, works as advertised. Here's a rundown of some of the features and background. More →

Use hreflang for multilingual websites

By / — The hreflang tag is used to tell Google and other search engines the language used on a specific page on your website. Search engines use the hreflang tag to ‘redirect’ the visitor to the page in the right language. Hreflang… More →

Using Appointments + to Setup and Streamline Client Consultations

By / — If you're a freelancer or run a business that provides consultations, it's important to make yourself readily available to potential clients. Fortunately, streamlining consultations is a straightforward process to set up with WordPress and our Appointments + plugin. More →

Why I (Still) SelfHost

By / — I know it when I see it, but does Google? More →

WordPress Core Weekly

By / — Hello everyone, let’s have a look at what’s going on in WordPress core! This edition covers February 19th, 2015 [31479] through February 25th, 2015 [31544]. If you want to write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the table… More →

WordPress Job Titles and Skills – Where Do We Stand?

By / — As someone relatively new to WordPress, I often get hung up on how to sum up my skill set in a single accurate title.  This great post by Mario Peshev breaks down the various titles used by those of us who… More →

Your Old Posts, Promoted: A Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin Review & Giveaway

By / — Revive Old Post, formerly known as Tweet Old Post, is a plugin unlike any other. It solves two interesting problems… The post Your Old Posts, Promoted: A Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin Review & Giveaway appeared first on Best Premium… More →