WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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5 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

By / — Easily show buyers what you have to offer with one of these attractive pricing table plugins. More →

A Quick Fix For Google Web Font Rendering

By / — Like many, Chrome is my browser of choice, but the past couple of updates have resulted in some problems specifically with Google web font rendering (as well as some other web font rendering). I had considered linking to a number… More →

A new Yoast theme: Strategy

By / — Today we’re unveiling the next of our Yoast Genesis child themes: Strategy. Aimed a bit more at the business side of the WordPress community, you’ll find that the look of this theme changes dramatically with the different color schemes it… More →

A very simple list (with Alfred and GeekTool)

By / — Things you’ll need: Alfred with Powerpack and GeekTool. The premise is simple: maintain a simple list with Alfred, use GeekTool to show it on your desktop. The Alfred part will be a Keyword → Run Script Workflow. The keyword I’m… More →


By / — An advance theme designed for blogs, photoblogs, and portfolios. More →

Beginner Bloggers: How To Get Started With WordPress (A Quick and Easy Guide)

By / — There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to getting started with blogging. That advice is frequently aimed at those looking to start a self-hosted website using software from WordPress.org, which may be more work than you’re looking… More →

Casper: A Free Ghost-Style WordPress Theme Based on Underscores

By / — Casper is a new theme for WordPress that is essentially a port of the default blogging theme for Ghost. Lacy Morrow built the theme using Underscores as a base. Morrow said that the goal for his theme was to approximate… More →

Give WordPress Smilies a Face Lift: New Plugin Adds WordPress.com Emoticons to Self-Hosted Sites

By / — Are you in love with the new WordPress.com smilies? Their modern look is a bit more expressive and endearing than the old emoticons. If you view them side-by-side, there is simply no comparison, especially when you zoom in: Although there… More →

Help Contribute To The Official WordPress Developer Resource By Testing Code References

By / — Announced at WordCamp San Francisco during Matt Mullenweg’s State of The Word 2013 presentation, developer.wordpress.org will host educational tools for developers in the form of handbooks and code referencing material. It will be the go-to place to discover WordPress best… More →

Hey folks we’re getting ready to ship WPiOS…

By / — Hey folks – we’re getting ready to ship WPiOS 4.0.1 and we’ve updated a few strings. Would you mind jumping in over here and helping us translate them? Thanks! More →

Hide Content on Password Protected Pages

By / — On private websites it can be handy to have password protected pages to stop everyone getting at some pieces of content. In WordPress creating a password protected page is very easy, there is a visibility setting on the publish meta… More →

How To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

By / — It is possible to show someone the basics of WordPress in just a few minutes. Most blogging platforms are just as easy as learn. Due to this, anyone who can use the internet can technically write a blog post; however,… More →

How to Add Mashable-like Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress

By / — If you search through WordPress.org plugin repo, you’ll notice that there are LOTS of social sharing plugins available there. The most annoying part is most of the plugins offer very similar features with no added value on them. This is… More →

How to Add a NoFollow Checkbox to Insert Link Section in WordPress

By / — Recently one of our users asked us for an easy way to add nofollow to their links in WordPress posts. Unfortunately while WordPress allows you to open a link in a new window by default, it does not allow you… More →

Introducing the All New WPMU DEV Jobs & Pros Section

By / — Announcing the new WPMU DEV Jobs & Pros section. Find a WordPress pro or advertise a tweak or customization you need for your site. More →

Marketify Theme Review: Sell Digital Products and Create a Marketplace

By / — This review takes a look at the Marketify theme for WordPress. This theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads allowing you to create an online store selling digital products. The Marketify theme can also be used to create an online marketplace… More →

My Electronics Kit

By / — Since I rekindled my electronics hobby last year, I’ve accumulated a lot of new stuff. Arduino compatible boards and shields (Digispark, DigiX), a Raspberry Pi, lots of components and sensors, LED strips, power supplies, a new soldering iron, etc. Due… More →

New: Ambience WordPress Theme

By / — This theme is available to DevPress members only. Download it and view theme details here. Ambience is an advance theme designed for blogging, photo-blogging, and portfolio showcasing. It’s built on Hybrid Core 2.0, meaning its code.. More →

Qik Is Shutting Down, How To Save Your Videos

By / — Founded in 2006, Qik enabled mobile phone users to share live video with their friends, family and followers. In January of 2011, the company was acquired by Skype. Three years after announcing the acquisition, the company has announced they will… More →

Show Your Work By Austin Kleon

By / — In Steal Like An Artist, creative Austin Kleon gave his industry permission to steal. In Everything Is A Remix, Kirby Ferguson told us that all art is derivative of what came before it. “It comes down to trying to expose… More →

Taking a Second Look at the Plugin Repository

By / — Just last week, the WordPress plugin repository passed the 30,000 plugins hosted mark. This is, of course, an incredible achievement and one that reflects both the magnitude of the WordPress project and the spirit of […] More →

The Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

By / — The popularity of image sharing website Pinterest, spawned a new style of website design using jQuery Masonry to fit images together on the page : Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based… More →

The Church of WordPress

By / — Mike Jordan wrote an excellent post on the future of the WordPress community. The natural evolution of community  is exclusivity. The WordPress community is still so young, that this has not yet become a problem- but it is a looming… More →

The Evolution of OptinMonster for WordPress: Fixes, Updates, and Changes

By / — OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create popup forms that can increase your conversion rate. Because there are… The post The Evolution of OptinMonster for WordPress: Fixes, Updates, and Changes appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

The GitHub Rug

By / — I somehow missed this kerfuffle when it was all going down, but I read about it recently and it’s stuck with me. I think if I were in the decision making position when this happened my first instinct would would… More →

The WordPress Voice and Tone Survey

By / — This survey asks what the community as a whole thinks about the nature and aims of WordPress’s written content. This survey continues a post from two weeks ago discussing the tone and voice of WordPress’s written content, and recommending a… More →

Using Youtube Thumbnails on your Websites

By / — I seem to find myself working with Youtubes thumbnail images quite a lot (for instance on Miniclips videos section) – and I am always having to go searching for the parameters to use to generate those thumbnail images. So I… More →

WP RSS Aggregator for WordPress Review

By / — If you are looking for a way to import RSS feeds from other websites into your WordPress site then the WP RRS Aggregator plugin is just what you are looking for. The core plugin allows you to add RSS feeds… More →

What bands and musicians can learn from software companies

By / — “Release early, release often” is what they say in the software game, if you’re applying a LEAN approach. Having a product in the market, and receiving customer feedback, is better than having nothing out there for customers to see, test… More →

WhatTheme: Find Out Which Theme a Website is Using

By / — Nowadays, pre-made themes and templates are the norm. Since WordPress makes it so easy to change and modify your theme, more and more users are growing curious about which theme a particular website is using. Generally […] More →