WordPress News Digest for Friday, April 25, 2014

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5 WordPress Plugins to Let Users Submit Content from the Frontend

By / — Want to let users submit content? We’ve got 5 solutions for you. More →

Advanced WordPress Google Maps Made Simple

By / — Maps showing your office location are all well and good but with the right WordPress plugin, a little bit of tweaking and some KML overlay magic, your WordPress-embedded Google Maps can be a whole lot more engaging for your visitors. More →

Affiliate WP – The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

By / — Affiliate WP is a brand new affiliate marketing plugin that will help you increase traffic and generate more sales from… The post Affiliate WP – The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

BlackBerry: Fallen Out of Favor?

By / — Recently, Microsoft announced that they will be rebranding Nokia as Microsoft Mobile. A company that once was a de facto entity in the world of mobile phones, Nokia surely seems to have come full circle. […] More →

Calling all WordPress Mobile App Contributors!

By / — We want contributing to WordPress to be a great experience, but we need your help to improve. This survey is for current contributors, would-be contributors, and decided-not-to-be-contributors to weigh in on how we’re doing and what we can do better… More →

Contributor Experience Survey

By / — Please take a few minutes and fill out this survey. Link: http://wordpressdotorg.polldaddy.com/s/wordpress-contributor-experience-poll They’re good questions and your feedback will help. Spread the word and link to anyone who participates in making WordPress great. Providing support is a very important way to contribute… More →

Contributor Poll

By / — Howdy everyone! In an attempt to continue to make it simpler for everyone to contribute, if you could please help out by filling this Contributor Experience Survey posted in make/community by Jen Mylo, it’d be appreciated. Thanks! More →

Contributor Poll

By / — Take a moment and give some feedback. Make giving back to the community easier for you and others. More →

Do you use Press This? We want to talk to you!

By / — A group of us are starting to look into making improvements to Press This. If you currently use Press This, or have used it in the past, we want to chat with you. We’re looking for about 5-10 people to… More →

Hi Polyglots If you have a few minutes…

By / — Hi Polyglots, If you have a few minutes please fill out this survey about WordPress Contributor Experience Link: http://wordpressdotorg.polldaddy.com/s/wordpress-contributor-experience-poll Your feedback will help. Spread the word and link to anyone who participates in making WordPress great and that includes all… More →

How to Disable Disqus on Custom Post Types in WordPress

By / — We recently switched from WordPress comments to Disqus comment system on WPBeginner. One of our users pointed out that comments on our custom post types comments weren’t migrated properly. For a temporary solution, we simply disabled Disqus on certain custom… More →

How to Repair a Crashed WordPress Posts Table

By / — Every now and then the WordPress posts table will crash and screw up your website. Why does this happen? It’s not always clear how tables get corrupted, although it can usually be attributed to an unexpected event, such as the… More →

I know I’ve said this before but it makes me nervo…

By / — I know I’ve said this before but it makes me nervous when things work the first time after a big code change/refactoring. More →

Interface: A Free Responsive Business Theme for WordPress

By / — Interface is a new business theme in the WordPress Themes Directory, created by Theme Horse, the same folks behind the popular Clean Retina and Attitude themes that have more than 80,000 downloads combined. If you need to set up a… More →

Introducing The Never-Ending Giveaway

By / — I wanted to do something special and fun for those who are actively engaged with our daily blog posts, so I decided to create a giveaway that never ends just for you! How does it work? We are going to… More →

It’s Better to Extend

By / — Deciding what you need and want is why WordPress being extendable is a win for everyone. More →

Scroll Kit joins Automattic

By / — Scroll Kit was a story builder of sorts. They marketed themselves for a while by saying you could build “Snowfall”, the New York Times’ famous article, in an hour with their platform. An article by the founder on Medium about getting into… More →

Scrollkit and Longreads at Automattic

By / — You might have seen the news last week that Longreads is joining Automattic’s editorial team. Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve acquired Scroll Kit and they’re joining Automattic as well, and will be focused on making customization more visual and… More →

The Basics of Git

By / — Here’s a video that goes over the very basics of using git. It doesn’t go over installation though, so if you haven’t yet installed git, go do that first. From nothing, to a local repo, to a remote repo, to undoing… More →

The Best WordPress Posts Across the Blogosphere in April 2014

By / — Welcome to the April 2014 links mashup post! I’ve got another nice selection of articles for you this month, with tutorials, tips, and opinion pieces sure to change your perspective on how you use WordPress for good. There’s a couple… More →

The Difference Between Principles and Advice in Leadership

By / — Yesterday, I read a post on LinkedIn which has since been taken down (though thanks Google cache!). Though you can read the entire post in the linked, cached version of the page, a portion of the content can be found here:… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.66

By / — We have been a little light on posts on WPLift this week, the easter holidays combined with my final push to finish the ThemeFurnace site have diverted my attention elsewhere. Luckily there have been some great posts by other members… More →

Today I finished two product features and fixed a …

By / — Today I finished two product features and fixed a framework regression. I’m calling that a win. More →

WPBeginner: Best Place to Find Tips & Tutorials for WordPress

By / — Today it’s time to turn our attention to another indispensable resource for WordPress users. This is a site that is packed full of tips and tutorials covering how to get the most out of everybody’s favorite online publishing platform. This WordPress… More →

Why You Need an Email List to Build Your Personal Brand

By / — In his good bye post, Leland told the story of ThemeLab and how it helped him grow. Reading his post, you will notice that he mentioned some of the mistakes he made. One of the mistakes he mentioned was not… More →

WordCamp Austin After Hours

By / — Howdy Ya’ll—WordCamp Austin 2014 starts tomorrow! The weekend will kick off at 9am with a keynote speech by design/user experience lead  for the WordPress open source project, Jen Mylo. Following keynote are some pretty awesome sessions led by […] More →

WordPress Code Reference is Now Live

By / — Siobhan McKeown announced that the first version of the WordPress Code Reference is now live. It’s still in the very early stages of development but is now out in the wild so that people can help contribute. Go try it… More →