WordPress News Digest for Saturday, July 25, 2015

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How to Create User-Friendly WordPress Instruction Manuals for Clients (in 7 Steps)

By / — Teaching WordPress to anyone who has never used the platform before can be a huge and daunting task – especially for clients who want to keep a close eye on everything you do for them. Here some essential tips to… More →

How to Create a Laser Focused Marketing Campaign for Your WordPress Business

By / — All bark, no bite. That about sums up the average marketing campaign for a small business. A great marketing campaign isn’t just about planning. Nor is is all about taking action. Your best chance of creating a campaign that that… More →

Plugin Developers Demand a Better Security Release Process After WordPress 4.2.3 Breaks Thousands of Websites

By / — WordPress 4.2.3, a critical security release, was automatically pushed out to users yesterday to fix an XSS vulnerability. Shortly afterwards, the WordPress.org support forums were flooded with reports of websites broken by the update. Roughly eight hours later Robert Chapin… More →