WordPress News Digest for Thursday, September 25, 2014

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5 Need-to-Know Ways Psychology Affects Conversions

By / — No matter how much e-business technology advances, the psychology behind it stays the same. That’s why, today, I’m taking a break from talking about the former to give you a quick rundown on the latter. What follows are five simple… More →

Add Attractive Email Sign up Forms to Your Site For Free with Optin Forms

By / — If you want to give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter, or increase the subscriber numbers of your existing mailing list, then adding attractive sign up or optin forms to your site is a great way… More →

Circa 3

By / — Circa is how I get news on my phone every day, and they’ve just redesigned with some slick new features. They’re an Audrey company, too. More →

DradCast Episode 060: WordPress the Enabler

By / — Show Notes: Host Jason Cohen is the founder of WP Engine, and before that he founded Smart Bear and IT WatchDogs. He’s started 4 companies that grew to more than $1m in revenue, both bootstrapped and funded. […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Hello Guys I’m Mongolian WordPress user I am…

By / — Hello Guys! I’m Mongolian WordPress user (I am working in Themeforest since 2013 which is good and we turned to Elite) as we expected our Mongolian Language development is so low and We have also WordPress Development Group on Facebook.… More →

Hey Polyglots We’re going to release WordPress Android…

By / — Hey Polyglots, We’re going to release WordPress Android 3.2, can you help us translate the release notes here? https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/release-notes Note: I extracted the “If you enjoy using the WordPress Android app…” into a separate entry, so you don’t have to… More →

How To Build A Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

By / — Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, RocketHub, and Indiegogo have helped get some great projects off the ground including the Pebble… The post How To Build A Crowdfunding Website With WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How To Set Up WordPress Two Factor Authentication

By / — More and more sites are using two-factor or multi-factor authentication to ramp up security. I mean, Google wants my cell phone number to confirm my identity before I can log into Gmail. And it’s a good idea. I mean, do… More →

How To: Add a Responsive WordPress Mega Menu for Sites with Lots of Content

By / — If you have a large amount of content on your site which you need to provide access to in your main navigation menu, this can become quite overwhelming to site visitors as they hover over your menu and a million… More →

How to Add Custom Background Support to WordPress Theme

By / — WordPress makes it really easy to add background support to any WordPress theme. With this one line of code, you can add a custom background to your site in few clicks: View this code snippet on GitHub. Once you’ve added… More →

How to Add a Facebook Style Timeline in WordPress

By / — Do you like the Facebook timeline design? Want to add a timeline style design on your site? Well now you can. While there are several WordPress themes that display posts in a Facebook’s timeline style, what if you wanted to… More →

In-App Browsers Considered Harmful

By / — Some good technical reasons beyond the user benefits in iOS 8.# More →

Making the World a Better Place – The WhiP #92

By / — Why WordPress developers are paid a pittance, boost return visitors to your site in three minutes, and lots of other awesome WordPress how-tos. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Resolving PHP Timeouts in WordPress

By / — When it comes to working with long running scripts and WordPress, you’re usually at the mercy of one of two things: PHP configuration file The server’s PHP configuration Granted, the case could be made that these are one and the… More →

Since many of you will be at WordCamp…

By / — Since many of you will be at WordCamp Europe this week-end, and may notice my absence, I suppose that this is as good a moment as any to announce that I am stepping down as the “lead” (never too sure… More →

The Ultimate Guide to Pages, Posts, Categories, and Tags

By / — WordPress, by default, provides two basic types of content: pages and posts. For the majority of users, that is all they’ll ever need. Every semester in my class, I notice a great deal of confusion […] The post The Ultimate… More →

The anatomy of a security breach, and how to do good in a bad situation

By / — On Tuesday, iThemes posted an announcement that they had suffered from a security breach of their website and servers. The attackers had reached the servers which stored customer information, including email addresses, IP addresses, full names, and yes, passwords. iThemes… More →

This Is How You Need to Monitor Your WordPress Site’s Uptime

By / — Why so down? Okay, maybe you’re not, but if your website goes down, then you’ll have reason to be. Site uptime matters—the less your server goes down, the better. Simply put, uptime is important, so tracking uptime is, too. Read… More →

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance [Short Notice]

By / — Amazon Web Services has informed us on very short notice that underlying machines on 1/3 of our EC2 and RDS instances will be cycled/rebooted over the coming days. Dear Amazon EC2 Customer, One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances are scheduled to be… More →

WordPress Comments: A Comprehensive Guide to Styling and Moderating Discussion

By / — Receiving comments on your blog is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging. It allows you to interact with your readers and gives you an opportunity to hear their thoughts and ideas on the topics you cover and the… More →

iThemes Confirms it Stored Customer Passwords in Clear-Text

By / — The CEO of iThemes, Cory Miller, published a second update concerning the security breach that occurred on Tuesday. After news of the breach, customers were left wondering whether or not their passwords were stored in clear-text. The latest update confirms… More →