WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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6 WordPress Things I’m Thankful For

By / — As the US gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s the time of year where I stop to think about what I’m thankful for regarding WordPress. In no particular order, here are six things I’m thankful for when it comes to… More →

A Quick Tip To Extract Data with RegEx

By / — In a recent project, one of the features that I was working on required that the application make periodic calls to a third-party API in order to retrieve a piece of information to be used later throughout the application. This… More →

An update on shared term splitting

By / — Background reading: #30335 and the notes on shared term splitting in https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/20/dev-chat-summary-november-19th/. As part of the work on the taxonomy roadmap in 4.1, shared terms (terms which are shared across more than one taxonomy due to a slug collision) now get… More →

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2014: Best WordPress Deals of the Year

By / — It is that crazy savings time of the year again, when people spend huge amounts of money on useless things. Before you head out and get all crazy on shopping spree, you should look at some of these awesome WordPress… More →

From WordPress Beginner to Pro: 200+ Career-Boosting Resources

By / — Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or you’ve been developing with it for some time, you’ll probably find that the resources out there to help you learn are pretty daunting. There are hundreds if not thousands of sites and… More →

Get Your WordPress Power Cyber Package

By / — Okay, this is the best deal I’ve ever offered. If you’ve been thinking about improving your WordPress site to attract more visitors in the new year: Imagine… Accessing  a full year of my BobWP tutorials to help you learn the… More →

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

By / — Do you have a YouTube channel? Want to get more subscribers by displaying the YouTube subscribe button and subscriber count on your site? In this article, we will show you how to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress. Method 1:… More →

Is WordCamp Organizing Right For You? An Interview with David Bisset of WordCamp Miami

By / — David Bisset is a freelance WordPress developer living in South Florida. He specializes in BuddyPress sites and applications, as well as stand-alone PHP work. More →

Life Hack

By / — Life Hack: Put leftovers on top of your Mac Pro to keep them warm. More →

Login To WordPress With Email Address

By / — By default WordPress will assign unique usernames to all users registered on the website. As they are unique there could be a possibility that the username the user wants to use is already taken so they have to use a… More →

Organizing Your WordPress Plugins

By / — WordPress is an amazing content management system right out of the box, but to really stand out from the crowd and improve conversion you’ll need a few plugins. There are so many plugins available for WordPress that deciding which to… More →

Override WordPress Comment Deadline Settings

By / — Many WordPress users elect to automatically close comments on older posts in order to keep the constant deluge of spam at bay. This method works, but it comes with a couple of drawbacks. The option, found under the Settings →… More →

Thanksgiving Deals: WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales & Coupon Codes

By / — Hi there and welcome to our annual Thanksgiving deals post! Every year the WordPress world fully embraces these holidays by giving big discounts off their pricing so if you have been waiting for a specific theme or plugin, now is… More →

This week’s meeting Today we had our weekly…

By / — This week’s meeting: Today we had our weekly meeting. You can find the archive here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1416938377003366 Housekeeping: There are some good posts to catch up on this make.blog: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2014/11/24/understanding-the-apis-related-to-theme-options/ https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2014/11/24/design-challenge-weekend/ Handbook version one refresh goes live tomorrow. This focuses on… More →

We are going to have an extra meeting…

By / — We are going to have an extra meeting to talk Global theme reviewing on Thursday 27th 10:00 UTC in #themereview on Slack. Our suggested agenda is: Event promotion. Country event reporting. Contribution pack and work flows. I will try and… More →

What did it mean for us to host WooCommerce Conference?

By / — As WooCommerce has grown it has been an incredible journey to see our products used in so many unique ways. What a privilege to know that in some way we’ve helped enable people to ship their ideas (whether macarons, roti-makers… More →

Why You Should Use WordPress Countdown Plugins

By / — Every site launch needs buzz. To have a successful launch it is best to stir up some excitement. Build hype. Make some noise. Take some names. Create readers before the site is even launched, and then make them look forward… More →

Writing a blog: obtaining an attractive writing style!

By / — A few months ago, I wrote a post containing 10 tips for an awesome and SEO friendly blog post. Since then, I have been thinking and reading a lot about writing and blogging. After the success of our first eBook,… More →