WordPress News Digest for Thursday, December 25, 2014

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How To Optimize Your WordPress Workflow For Web Designers

By / — As a freelancer, I’m free to set my own hours, take as long of a break as I want, and work as much as I want. In order to get more done though, I usually end up working more and that’s… More →

How to Filter Unanswered Comments by Admin in WordPress

By / — Comments are an easy way to build user engagement on your site. To foster engagement, you must communicate with your users, answer their questions and respond to their feedback. As your site grows in popularity, you will find it hard… More →

The Ultimate Step By Step Guide for Getting Your First 1000 Blog Visitors

By / — Answer this question… Do you want to learn how expert bloggers got their first 1,000 blog readers? I know you’re excited about this already. Going from 0 visitors per day to 50 is nice, but it’d be better if you… More →