WordPress News Digest for Thursday, February 26, 2015

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22 ways to keep visitors on your website longer

By / — It’s very frustrating to spend hours refining a writing piece only to check your analytics after it’s been published and see that visitors are merely giving it a quick glance before leaving. “I poured my […] The post 22 ways… More →

A Case For Dependency Management with WordPress

By / — Yesterday, I came across a comment that was in the context of a larger post that I think does an excellent job of highlighting what we – as theme developers – should be doing with our projects rather than what we’re currently… More →

A Video Overview of the WooThemes Default Widgets

By / — Each time you install a WooTheme, some specific widgets will also be automatically installed. The number of widgets installed will depend on the WooTheme and there will be as many as seven of them. In this tutorial I walk you… More →

Add Infinite Scroll to the WordPress Admin

By / — The WordPress admin list tables can get quite lengthy to browse if you’re relying on regular pagination, especially when you need to perform bulk actions. As of WordPress 4.0, the grid view of the media library has beautiful support for… More →

DradCast Episode 074: Canada, it’s basically America

By / — Show notes: Justin Sainton is the founder of Zao, a web firm based in Portland, Oregon. He is a core contributor to WordPress and a core developer for the WP eCommerce project. Justin is passionate about […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Easy (And Affordable) Ways To Make A WordPress Site Stand Out

By / — Does your WordPress site stand out? No? If you’re new to WordPress, it’s quite common to let the theme do most of the… The post Easy (And Affordable) Ways To Make A WordPress Site Stand Out appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Getting Support Notifications For Your Plugin

By / — When you have a plugin, it’s important that you get notified when people have support questions. We have a way for you to keep up to date on these things and have since the Great Plugin Refresh of 2012. But… More →

Hosted on WebFaction

By / — This site is now hosted on WebFaction1 (if you’re seeing this post, you’re on the new server). Hooray for DNS propogation! WebFaction was one of the hosts recommended to me. I tested it and a handful of other hosts today,… More →

How a WordPress Site Becomes Unusable and How to Prevent It

By / — If the loading times on your site are terrible, you're getting timeout errors, the admin is sluggish and the overall experience of using your WordPress site is in decline, it's time to get on the front-foot and fix your site.… More →

How to Stop Users From Sharing Passwords in WordPress

By / — By default a WordPress user can login to an account from multiple locations at the same time. This may compromise security of your multi-author WordPress site, and it can definitely hurt your profits if you run a membership site. In… More →

Matt Report Podcast

By / — As a good follow-up to the podcast with Tim the other week, I did a podcast with Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report. More →

Net Neutrality Win

By / — A lot of the tech news I’ve linked here has been a bit of a downer, but today we can celebrate: FCC votes for net neutrality, a ban on paid fast lanes, and Title II. This is not an outcome… More →

Plugins on WordPress.org Now Show More Accurate Ratings Data

By / — Those who host plugins in the WordPress plugin directory may have noticed a change to their plugin’s ratings. That’s because the ratings system has been reset and rebuilt by Samuel “Otto” Wood. The ratings now correspond exactly with reviews. According… More →

Support Team meetup summary for February 26th

By / — Topics discussed at today’s meetup: Please try to avoid closing topics if possible When a user posts to the forums for support of a commercial product or a .COM issue please refer them to the correct place. If you can… More →

The Complete Guide to Creating a Modern Forum using Discourse & Microsoft Azure

By / — I have been searching recently for a good forum system to use in conjunction with a WordPress front-end, while bbPress is great and I do use it to power the forums at ThemeFurnace, it doesn’t scale very well for forums… More →

The Silent Progress Of Extra, The Evolution Of Divi, And A Glimpse Into The Future Of Elegant Themes

By / — I wanted to write a post and give some insight into the work we are doing behind the scenes, and what this work means for the future of Elegant Themes. For all those wondering what’s next, and why Extra is… More →

The WordPress Talent Shortage Might Be a Pricing Problem

By / — From Andy Adams, a great new voice in the freelancing space, comes this excellent article on pricing in WordPress. Required reading if you’d like to understand (and eventually escape) the “inexpensive WordPress freelancer” poverty trap. More →

This Week in WordPress: Twitter a Long Time Coming and Bitcoin Questions Answered

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Twitter’s New Official WordPress Plugin Prioritizes Extensibility

By / — It’s easy to get overwhelmed when visiting the WordPress.org plugin directory in search of a Twitter plugin, as you’ll turn up more than 3,000 Twitter-related extensions. Unless you’re running on recommendations or personal experience, it may not be easy to… More →

WPWeekly Episode 181 – Sticky Posts and Legal Issues

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I take the opportunity to catch up on the latest news in the WordPress community. I share the results of our poll asking readers if they use sticky posts in WordPress.… More →

Woo Workspaces 2015

By / — When your team works remotely, desks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Inspired by this post we decided to give the world a glimpse into what Woo workspaces look like right about now. We have to agree with SignalNoise, being a 100%… More →

WordPress Product Affiliate Programs Done Right

By / — Over the past 5 years, I've looked at a ton of affiliate programs and sign up pages for WordPress products. Let me tell you something: most of them suck. Do you want to introduce an affiliate program for your plugin… More →

WordPress.com’s REST API Driven Post Editor Proves Speed Matters

By / — In the last year or so, WordPress.com has been experimenting with a new post editor. As a user of WordPress.com, I clicked the add new post button and was shocked to discover an entirely different interface than what I’m used… More →