WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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10 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Pages

By / — Are you taking full advantage of your Pages? These plugins will help you do just that. More →

8+ Awesome Plugins for Safely Moving WordPress

By / — If you want to avoid the hassle and cut down on the amount of time it takes to move a site, there are plenty of plugin options that make migration a piece of cake. More →

A Simple Guide to Changing Your Permalinks Without Breaking Your WordPress Website

By / — Changing the permalink structure on your website is a major undertaking. You should be absolutely sure you want to make… The post A Simple Guide to Changing Your Permalinks Without Breaking Your WordPress Website appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

Blogging Tip: How to Link to a Dubious Website Without Improving Its SEO

By / — In the course of blogging about important issues, there are times when you may need to link to dubious or objectionable material in order to provide context for your post. For example, some subject matter may necessitate a reference to… More →

Bug Ticket Triage for WordPress Themes

By / — One of the things that I try to do with my projects is to create quick, iterative releases. When it comes to client work, I’ve made a lot of progress with this over the past year; however, when it comes… More →

Building a Business Website with WordPress: My Essential Free Plugins

By / — There are a ridiculous amount of WordPress business themes available with most features you will ever need built-in. However, if you decide to go the custom theme route and build your own from scratch, there will be a certain amount… More →

CSS Tricks For Your Divi Theme Project And Product Thumbnails

By / — Last week we posted Origin Theme CSS Tricks and got a few comments about applying the effects within Divi. Below are a number of CSS tricks to help customize your Divi Theme project and product thumbnails. Each example has an… More →

Catching Up on WP Engine News

By / — #texthoverbox { width: 560px; color: white; padding: 20px; background: #162a33; display: none; position: absolute; z-index: 900; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; } #texthoverbox .arrow_up { width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 10px solid transparent; border-right: 10px solid transparent; border-bottom: 10px solid #162a33;… More →

Creators and lurkers: the power of blog commenting

By / — AJ Kohn talks about participation inequality online in his defense of comments, using a number of level-headed metrics, as part of his argument that comments are good for blogs. A small amount of creators are responsible for the vast majority of… More →

Evening Light

By / More →

How to Embed Bing Maps in WordPress

By / — Recently one of our readers asked us if it was possible to add Bing maps in WordPress. We have already covered how to add Google maps in WordPress. However, if you like Bing maps better, then you can add them… More →

I wish the user BredeBS have granted access…

By / — I wish the user BredeBS have granted access fior administrator (or similar) for es_CL location because I can not keep maintaining it and I can not add to it as administrator, even as validator. Thank you More →

Is WordPress Suitable For Live Blogging?

By / — For good and for bad, immediacy is an essential component of successful online publishing. To gain attention, publishers have to capture the wave of a trending topic before it peaks. Traditional blogs aren’t well suited […] More →

Jason Cohen Wowed the Hackers: Returns to Growth Hacker TV

By / — #texthoverbox { width: 560px; color: white; padding: 20px; background: #162a33; display: none; position: absolute; z-index: 900; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; } #texthoverbox .arrow_up { width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 10px solid transparent; border-right: 10px solid transparent; border-bottom: 10px solid #162a33;… More →

Layouts 0.9 Released – The Drag and Drop Component of Toolset

By / — OnTheGoSystems have just released a beta version of the drag and drop component for Toolset, named Layouts. Layouts lets you design entire pages, from the header, through the content and down to the footer, using a drag-and-drop interface. You can use… More →

Let’s Try Abstracting Data Storage in WordPress

By / — This post a bit of an “advanced WordPress development” exclusive, but I can’t help but nod along with most of Eric Mann’s points in this post proposing a change to the way WordPress stores data. Because it’s so deeply integrated… More →

Migrating A WordPress Site With wp-cli

By / — If scotch is for shippers, clearly margaritas are for migrations! More →

Million Dollar Link Rot

By / — The Quartz finds that The Million Dollar Homepage still exists, but 22% of it has rotted away. BTW, Alex Tew’s new venture is Calm.com which is one of my favorite sites/services/apps. More →

Pantheon for WordPress: a website hosting and management platform

By / — Pantheon is a website development, deployment, and hosting platform. But they aren’t just any host. They like to think of their product as a hosting killer, because in their mind, they do much more than just hosting. I heard about… More →

Password Protected Pages Excerpt

By / — When you display list posts in WordPress and want to display a snippet of the post content, there are two ways you can do this. You can either use the the_excerpt() function which will return the first 55 words of… More →

Practical Advice for the Obsessive Compulsive Traveler

By / — Happily, I already follow most of these tips. I write this from the airport where I just learned that Frontier doesn’t support Global Entry/TSA Pre-check. I expect this to be my last Frontier flight.# More →

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month – March 2014

By / — Welcome to the March 2014 plugin roundup! I’ve got an interesting selection for you this month. While it’s not earth-shattering, there are some real gems here that are worth a try. Whether you’re looking for a cleaner way to display… More →

What Do You Want?

By / — Every management book says “listen to your customers” but most organizations don’t for some reason. The organization setting up facilities in Sochi apparently thought people would want side by side toilets without dividers. Something tells me they weren’t listening to their… More →

What Do You Want?

By / — If all constraints and considerations were to be removed, of what would you want more?<…> This is something that has popped into my thoughts often during the last couple of months (which I'll mostly label as being reflective) since taking… More →

Why Showing The WordPress Username Is Not A Security Risk

By / — When we talk about the basics of WordPress security, we always tell you to use a very strong password. The recently added password strength meter helps to facilitate the process. But what about usernames? WordPress offers a way to change… More →

WordPress Images/Galleries — Usability Test 1

By / — I did a usability test on the recently updated image and gallery features in the editor using WordPress r27502 with a beginner user. Summary Drag and drop to add an image is not discoverable Resizing an image by dragging is… More →

WordPress Security Plugin Roundtable On Upcoming Episode Of WPWeekly

By / — Earlier this month, we interviewed Dre Armeda and Tony Perez of Sucuri.net to talk about WordPress security. Both guests shared information from a services perspective. We received a lot of positive feedback on the amount information presented in the episode.… More →

WordPress Smiley Wars: Will Core Adopt New Emoticons?

By / — Over the past 30 years, emoticons have become a staple of digital communication. People rely on the smiley to add tone and feeling, which are often absent when communicating online. This is especially important in the case of text messaging… More →

iThemes Security (Formerly Better WP Security) Is Now Available

By / — Security is an ongoing concern for the millions of users, developers, and enthusiasts who make up the WordPress space. And in recent times people are growing more concerned. Over the past year or so, there […] More →