WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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X-post: Notes from WCEU Community Summit.

By / — Mobile Team Community Summit Notes More →

Register My Backdoor – Unorthodox Invocation Mechanisms

By / — Backdoors are found in 72% of infected websites, according to our latest reports. Backdoors are files left on the server by attackers in order to retain access to your site and reinfect it later, whenever they see fit. From time to… More →

Beaver Builder: A WordPress Developer’s Perspective

By / — This is not a paid, promotional, or affiliate-based article. Links are not affiliate links, this article was not produced in association or communication with Beaver Builder, and we paid full-price for the Standard version of the plugin. A few weeks… More →

PeepSo Review: A Neat BuddyPress Alternative With Cool Ad Options

By / — When you think of WordPress and social networking, your mind probably jumps straight to BuddyPress. But, as my PeepSo review will show, BuddyPress is far from your only option. PeepSo is a feature-rich and open source social networking plugin for… More →

14 Examples of Artists and Artisans Websites Built with Divi

By / — Artists and artisans have been around for many millennia and are popular both on and off the web. They need websites to show their work and tell potential clients about their services and products. As expected, there are a lot… More →

Feeling Down About a Lack of Success

By / — When you work really hard on something and you don’t see success right away, it can leave you feeling down. Feeling like you’re not doing the right things. Like you’re not as smart as you thought you were. Like you’re… More →

What Are Programming Side Effects, Anyway?

By / — I previously discussed programming side effects in the context of PSR-1. But their importance extends beyond a single language and into general programming. More →

Improve your site’s structure in 4 simple steps

By / — Optimizing your site structure should be an important aspect of your SEO strategy. Structuring your site is of crucial importance for your SEO. But how does one improve a site’s structure? Where do you start and how do you keep… More →

6 Plugins for Accepting Bitcoin on Your WordPress Site

By / — Are you planning to accept payments on your WordPress site? Then you’ve probably already considered the usual eCommerce payment gateway suspects. With 79% of Americans shopping online, it makes sense to turn to the most popular—and trusted—forms of payment to… More →

Finding the Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona

By / — I love working from coffee shops or just stopping by for a chat with my wife whenever we need a break from work. Here are some of my favourite coffee shops in Barcelona. Some of these are not really good… More →

The Passion of Change, Part 1

By / — Part One: What is the change and why do we use WordPress? The post The Passion of Change, Part 1 appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

20 Tumblr Blogs Brimming with Design Inspiration

By / — Did you know that there are almost 350 million Tumblr blogs? And yes, while 50% of those might just be reposting GIFs from TV shows, that still leaves plenty of room for blogs on more helpful topics. So if you’re… More →

How to Display Ad Blocks in Specific Posts in WordPress

By / — Do you want to display ad blocks within specific WordPress posts? This ad placement allows you to show ads when your users are highly engaged with the content. In this article, we will show you how to easily display ad… More →

10+ Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

By / — In today’s world where the average Internet speed of technologically advanced regions exceeds 10 Mbps, it’s no wonder that CDN… The post 10+ Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Generate Information Structures with Genie WordPress Data Manager

By / — When I needed to develop a website that featured complex dependencies, I discovered that I did not have the tools for the task. Although I had access to plenty of great plugins, they could not provide what I was looking… More →

Acknowledging what we already know, when making decisions

By / — When making decisions, I’ve found it can be quite easy to get into a “bikeshedding” scenario, where the deciding parties lose track of the actual decision to be made. This can be internal, or within a group. Something I’ve found… More →

Pros and Cons of Using A Page Builder on Your WordPress Online Store – BobWP

By / — Should you use a page builder on your eCommerce site? It really depends. Robby from Beaver Builder gives us his own insights and tips. More →

Agenda for July 27th Support Meeting

By / — It’s a quiet summer week 🙂 General announcements Support workshop Checking with international support liaisons For any other items to discuss please add them in the comments below, or bring them up in the meeting. The meeting will be  in… More →

Adobe to Discontinue Flash Support and Updates in 2020

By / — Adobe announced today that it will discontinue Flash support and updates at the end of 2020. Flash played an important part in the history of the web, inspiring many of the open standards and formats that the web has moved… More →