WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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27 Productivity Tips and Hacks Every Slack User Should Know

By / — We love Slack, but did you know most people only use 10% of its features? Become a Slack power user with these little-known tips. More →

Agenda for Thursday August 27th meetup

By / — Items for this weeks meetup. WordPress 4.3. That should be a short item. What do you want to see in WordPress 4.4? Inquiring minds want to know. For any other items please reply in the comments or feel free to… More →

Automatically Publish WordPress Posts To Your Social Networks With SNAP

By / — It’s universally accepted that social media is indispensable when it comes to promoting your online content. However, it can be… The post Automatically Publish WordPress Posts To Your Social Networks With SNAP appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

CURL broken in CentOS 7 / RHEL7 for past year

By / — If you suspected maybe WordPress and other PHP apps were slower to ping/trackback sites and other fetches under CentOS 7 than CentOS 6, you aren’t imagining things. Apparently libCurl (and therefore Curl in PHP) has been broken for over a… More →

Dear polyglots As there’s nothing special for the…

By / — Dear polyglots, As there’s nothing special for the chat agenda this week, I will take the time of the chat to work on locale requests. I will be in the channel on Slack in case anyone needs any help. Two… More →

First Look at the Twenty Sixteen Default WordPress Theme

By / — WordPress 4.4 is the last scheduled major release of the year and with it will come a new default theme to replace Twenty Fifteen. On the Make WordPress Core site, Tammie Lister published an image gallery that shows off the… More →

Forks and Copies

By / — This has come up recently. What happens when someone submits a plugin that’s a copy of another? The tl;dr here is this: Please email us at plugins@wordpress.org if you find someone has slipped an uncredited fork or identical copy of… More →

Get Last Record In Each MySQL Group

By / — In this tutorial we will look at how you can use MySQL at getting the last record in a Group By of records. For example if you have this result set of posts. I want to be able to get… More →

Hello I just updated Dev branch from local…

By / — Hello, I just updated Dev branch from local PO file and got this: http://s18.postimg.org/tgeq5udex/Screen_Shot_2015_08_26_at_11_50_00.png Please, Help! Can you clear whole file, or do something with it? More →

How to Create a Welcome Gate in WordPress

By / — Are you looking to add a Welcome Gate on your WordPress site? Welcome Gates are one of the highest converting list building techniques in the market. Recently one of our users asked us for the best Welcome Gate plugins for… More →

Introducing Twenty Sixteen

By / — The design for the new WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme has officially been selected and it looks like it’s going to be a good one! Designed by Takashi Irie, it looks great on any mobile device and is full of custom… More →

I’ve got gd GB back up over 90%…

By / — I’ve got gd_GB back up over 90% on 4.3, is there a way someone could do the branch black magic? I’m good at localizing but useless at this developer stuff, sorry Zé used to talk my through this. More →

Lessons learned from releasing WooCommerce 2.4

By / — Just over two weeks ago, we launched WooCommerce version 2.4, the Helpful Hedgehog. From our standpoint, we thought the release went well. However, while we thought this was a pretty good release, we think we can do better. In the interest of… More →

Maintain Control Of Your Code With Git [White Paper]

By / — If you have questions about Git and how to use it on the WP Engine platform, you’re not alone. Git is one of the many developer tools WP Engine offers, and our customers ask us questions about it daily. DOWNLOAD… More →

Managing Tab Events in Bootstrap 3

By / — If you've ever used Bootstrap, you know it's easy to setup; however, if you're looking to introduce more complicated functionality such as having to make asynchronous requests whenever the pages tabs change and then you need to update the DOM… More →

Most Popular Affiliate Programs for WordPress Related Site

By / — If you have a blog or website about WordPress, and you’re looking to increase revenue, this post will cover some of the most popular WordPress related affiliate programs. Something you might want to look into. If you’re new to the… More →

New committers for 4.4!

By / — It’s that time again… Please join me in welcoming Tammie Lister (@karmatosed) as a guest committer for WordPress 4.4. There’s another committer to be announced, but we thought we’d wait until he’s back from vacation for a proper welcome. You may recognize… More →

Notes/Agenda – 4.4 Dev Chat, August 26

By / — Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : New Committers were announced  Who wants to be the backup lead? Schedule is still being decided, looking at WordCamp US timetables Community Feedback REST API:… More →

On Site Advertising: Project Wonderful

By / — Project Wonderful is really pretty awesome and has a lot of features. Now if only their revenue and style were the tops. More →

Sessions From BuddyCamp Brighton, UK Now Available to Watch on WordPress.tv

By / — Earlier this month, the first BuddyCamp Brighton, UK successfully took place. Six speakers presented their sessions from within the venue while four participated remotely. Here’s a break down of the attendees: 13 Sponsors. 8 Sessions. 7 Volunteers. 6 Speakers plus… More →

The 10 People in Almost Every WordPress Professional’s Life (And How to Deal With Them)

By / — As WordPress professionals, we deal with certain constants: The havoc a missing semicolon causes, the panic of hardware malfunction, the seemingly never-ending parade of updates. However, some commonalities take the form of humans – both clients and acquaintances. For the most part,… More →

Translate Your Website with Just One Line of Code with Bablic

By / — Bablic is an easy website localization solution that lets you translate any website with just one line of code. Thanks to the WordPpress plugin, WordPress users don't even need to paste that line of code, it's done automatically. More →

Using Site Icons with Genesis

By / — Make sure your Genesis theme doesn't conflict with this great new WordPress feature. The post Using Site Icons with Genesis appeared first on Bill Erickson. More →

What are the formatting shortcuts replaced by in…

By / — What are the formatting shortcuts replaced by in the string below? I can’t translate this with a zero object into our language, I must say what is going in its place. Anyone know? The following formatting shortcuts are replaced when… More →

WordPress Child Themes: Keep Your Theme Updated Without Losing Customization!

By / — What is a Child Theme? A child theme is related to and modifies the functionality of another given theme- a parent theme. For any WordPress theme that you choose to run, you may create a child theme that will modify… More →

WordPress For Dummies Makes You Smarter – BobWP

By / — Sometimes there is nothing better than a good, solid book to learn from or to use as an added resource. If you are just starting to wrap your brain around WordPress, check out the 7th edition of this book from… More →

Yoast SEO: announcing breaking API Changes

By / — As we announced a while back, we’re working on real time content analysis functionality for Yoast SEO. While we wanted to preserve backwards compatibility, we’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to for some filters. This means that some… More →