WordPress News Digest for Saturday, September 26, 2015

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#needs-screenshots, #has-screenshots, and multi-device dogfooding of visual change

By / — I’m attempting to provide before and after screenshots for all (most) visual changes that land in trunk, on multiple devices. These screenshots are used in visual changelogs such as the Today in the Nightly posts. The goals of this effort are to… More →

4 Quick Ways to Lower Your WordPress Site’s Bounce Rate

By / — It doesn't matter how much traffic you attract, if your site isn't optimized for usability it'll count for next to nothing. Getting people to your site is only half the challenge – getting them to engage is what matters. Fortunately,… More →

Cars should be Open Source

By / — “The reality is that more and more decisions, including decisions about life and death, are being made by software,” Thomas Dullien, a well-known security researcher and reverse engineer who goes by the Twitter handle Halvar Flake, said in an email.… More →

Interview With Helen Hou-Sandi

By / — I recently did an interview with Helen for my talk at WordCamp Tampa. I was only able to use such a small part of that interview due to time. However I thought that her thoughts were very relatable, and therefore… More →

Responsive Images Feature Plugin Update

By / — It’s been a busy week over in #feature-respimg world! We are now using a display filter on the_content to include responsive image markup, and are looking for feedback on the approach. Why filter on display? The sizes attribute describes the intended… More →

WordCamp, PressNomics, or LoopConf? Seven Benefits of Attending Your First WordPress Conference

By / — It’s been nine years since Matt Mullenweg hosted the first official WordPress conference – the 2006, San Francisco-based WordCamp. Since that date, the WordPress events industry has boomed, with WordCamps springing up in 205 cities, across 48 countries. The popularity… More →