WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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6 Ways to Streamline Your Online Store’s Checkout Process

By / — One of the main reasons people shop online in the first place is convenience, so it only makes sense to grease your online store’s wheels as much as possible. Your efforts should be focused on your checkout, because that’s the… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chats Nov 26/27

By / — Agenda for the Polyglots chats Nov 26/27 Hello dear polyglots, Almost time for the scheduled Wednesday and Thursday Polyglots chats. Here’s the proposed agenda: What happened last week and why There were a series of bugs in GlotPress due to some… More →

Agenda for today’s dev chat in #core Slack…

By / — Agenda for today’s dev chat in #core Slack (). Splitting terms #30335 – move into feature plugin Remaining tickets for 4.1 (>80) – bug scrub RC and string freeze Decision on focus/DFW behaviour and its default state #29806 ‘About’ screen text… More →

Automating your business with Zapier

By / — In this podcast we're talking about how you can automate your business / your workflow by integrating WordPress and Zapier. More →

Changing Your WordPress Multisite to Sub-directories or Sub-domains – Without Errors

By / — If you've ever set up a WordPress Multisite install and then decided to swap from sub-directories to sub-domains, or the other way around, you would know it's not as simple as clicking a few buttons. If you try to make… More →

Discussion: Using translation tools with GlotPress?

By / — Discussion: Using translation tools with GlotPress? In our weekly chat meeting today, we´ve discussed over a feature request, to implement Google Translator into GlotPress. A feature, that was build in in the past, but was removed after another discussion. (s. here)… More →

Five Things That Can Happen When Changing Your WordPress Theme

By / — We all do it at one time or another. Some more than others. But with all the theme builders out there and feature-rich themes, it can become a bigger and bigger task. Often it’s a redesign. Now depending if you… More →

Free Responsive Category Slider – a Breakthrough of WordPress Content Slider

By / — Creation of several free and paid WordPress plugins helped us solve many specific and necessary needs. We’ve recently reviewed an interesting plugin that enable users to build up various styled sliders from their available posts and products – Responsive Category… More →

Getting Started with WordPress Taxonomies

By / — Comments are closed on this post. Please leave your comments on the original article.For those who are just getting started in WordPress development, one of the more challenging aspects of working with some of the extended APIs is that of… More →

Go With Fear

By / — I'm allowing fear to guide my decision-making.<…> In the last year, I allowed fear to to influence and (sometimes) dictate my decisions across all spheres of my life. I was vulnerable, trying to recover and fear didn't make my journey… More →

Handbook refresh.

By / — The first version of the refresh is now up and live under Handbook. The main changes in this first version are: Structure Menu and navigation Requirements and Recommendations We also now have a new main menu for the team: About Handbook… More →

Hi all any idea why there are 2354…

By / — Hi all, any idea why there are 2354 strings in admin .po file from generated localization package and 2355 strings in Poedit file made from official .pot? More →

Hookie: A Stunning Bootstrap WordPress Theme, Built for Creative Agencies

By / — Hookie is a new theme from ThunderThemes which is aimed at businesses and creative agencies. Built on the Boostrap framework, it is optimized for mobile devices, has animated CSS effects and also includes the Visual Composer plugin so you can… More →

How To White Label The WordPress Dashboard

By / — When it comes to customizing the WordPress experience just about every possibility has seemingly been explored. A perfect example of this is the wide variety of ways in which anyone can white label the WordPress software itself. Which, for those… More →

How to Add Resizeable Text for Site Visitors in WordPress

By / — Have you seen the font resizing buttons on some popular sites? The purpose of those buttons is to provide an easier way for visitors with low vision to adjust font size without breaking a website’s layout. Even though you can… More →

How to Setup the WP Super Cache Plugin and MaxCDN in WordPress

By / — In a world where the average Internet speed is well over 2.8 Mbps, it is crucial for a site to run at its peak speed. A one second delay in a site’s loading time could lead to a 30% loss… More →

Major Performance Improvements Coming to Jigoshop 2.0

By / — The team behind the Jigoshop e-commerce plugin has been working on the upcoming 2.0 release for the past four months. The open source plugin was forked by WooThemes in 2011 to create the early foundation of WooCommerce and has now… More →

ModernThemes Launches Site Dedicated to Providing Free WordPress Themes

By / — ModernThemes is a new WordPress theme site dedicated to giving away free themes. The themes were designed and developed by Robbie Grabowski and Mike Driscoll, the folks behind a group of agencies that specialize in custom WordPress work. The duo… More →

No Image Flow this week

By / — Just a reminder to all that there’ll be no image flow meeting this week. Enjoy your turkey-eating, american friends! More →

No Notice For Upgrades?

By / — How I was silly and blocked my own emails for WordPress upgrades. More →

Rem Line-height Doesn’t Work In Pseudo Elements In IE

By / — I recently noticed a problem with working with REM CSS units in IE browsers. The REM CSS unit was introduced in CSS3 and stands for root EM which will use the root element for relationally units instead of it's direct… More →

Ryan Sullivan Addresses Concerns With LoopConf

By / — Matt Cromwell of WordImpress conducted an interview with Ryan Sullivan, one of the organizers of LoopConf, a conference dedicated to advanced WordPress development topics. In the interview, Sullivan answers questions regarding value, pricing, and the inspiration behind the event. Earlier… More →

Standards vs. Innovation

By / — One of the reasons I originally got involved with the Theme Review Team was to add a little balance to what I and many other theme authors felt like were overly strict guidelines dealing with how themes should be coded.… More →

Theme Mods API or Settings API?

By / — A few days ago, Chip Bennett wrote a good tutorial on the APIs related to theme options and broke down how those APIs can/should be used depending on the context. If anyone can really go in depth with theme options,… More →

WordPress Theme Design Challenge Weekend December 13-14th

By / — In an effort to inspire WordPress theme designers and add a variety of new themes to the directory, the WordPress Theme Review Team is hosting a Design Challenge Weekend, December 13-14th. The challenge is meant to do the following: Raise… More →

eCommerce Stores: Are You Ready for Black Friday?

By / — Black Friday is finally upon us, and that can only mean one thing: millions of crazed shoppers fighting to grab the biggest bargains. Although it’s the brick-and-mortar stores that receive most of the media coverage, […] The post eCommerce Stores:… More →