WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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10 Most Wanted Twitter Hacks and Plugins for WordPress

By / — Looking to harness the full power of Twitter to drive traffic to your WordPress site? When used effectively, Twitter can help you find new users, expand your content reach, and bring traffic to your site. In this article, we will… More →

Addressing The GHOST Vulnerability

By / — Here at WP Engine, our customers entrust us with the security of their WordPress sites, and with that trust comes great responsibility. It’s because of that responsibility that we are informing our customers today of actions we are taking to… More →

Deadline approaching for Community Hub poll

By / — There’s only one day left to vote for the features you’d like to see included in the WordPress Community Hub. The poll will close at 00:00 UTC January 29, 2015. In early December, Jenny Wong gave the green […] The post Deadline approaching… More →

Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog By Recycling Old Posts

By / — Take a look at your website(s) and think about how many blog posts are available for easy access on the homepage…. The post Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog By Recycling Old Posts appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Google Webmaster Tools: Search Appearance

By / — There are a lot of ways to check how your website’s doing these days. The most common one people use is probably Google Analytics. Google Analytics is definitely a great tool for monitoring your site. However, since the ‘not provided’… More →

How Important is Jetpack on WordPress’ Road to 50% Market Share?

By / — This past weekend, 250 professionals gathered in Phoenix, Arizona for Pressnomics, a three-day event focused on entrepreneurship in the WordPress economy. During the last day, attendees had the opportunity to watch Pagely CEO Joshua Strebel interview Matt Mullenweg. Although the… More →

How To Create Column Layouts In WordPress

By / — Columns are basic website design elements. They allow you to display your content in chunks that are visually appealing. They allow you to create layouts that look like magazines and newspapers. But creating them can be tricky. It is possible… More →

How to Use SSL and HTTPS with WordPress

By / — Everyday we give away our personal information on the internet. This is why SSL is so important. Using SSL – and in turn HTTPS – to protect your WordPress site and its visitors doesn't have to be difficult and complicated.… More →

How to create a review website: Tips on earning affiliate commission with WordPress

By / — Many people have seen the potential of the Internet for making a living online — some of whom have even make huge sums of money. However, knowing where to start is one of the biggest road […] The post How to… More →

Meeting Notes and Discussion around Image Cropping

By / — A sub set of the #feature-imageflow team met on Slack yesterday to discuss a few things, namely: Can we tackle to improve the image cropping experience in 4.2 ? Should we save versions of cropped images on a post level… More →

MotoPress Content Editor Plugin Offers Themes Built on Cherry Framework

By / — MotoPress is a drag and drop content editing plugin that we have covered before on WPLift, its basically a page builder which replaces the default WordPress editor and helps end-users edit content, articles and custom post types with a drag… More →

Open Update Thread, Week of January 26th

By / — It’s been awhile since the last open thread. What’s happening in your core development world? Share on the OUT. More →

Test Chat Summary, January 26

By / — After a few months of having a test session on Monday’s we gathered a group of people discussing and fixing tickets and patches. But limiting the testing to a weekly one hour session turns out to be not pracical. Not… More →

This week in theme reviews We had a…

By / — This week in theme reviews: We had a meeting again this week. Here is the archive: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1422381721000231 Housekeeping: Whilst it’s awesome to do reviews. I’m seeing a habit in a few reviewers of just doing the Updates queue. I know… More →

Top 10 Tips to Pick Cost-Effective WordPress Hosting

By / — Nearly all web hosts give support to WordPress, but not all of them are good choices. When talking about picking a cost-effective web host for hosting WordPress, you should take a lot of factors into account in addition to the… More →

What’s new in WordPress 4.1 for Theme Developers?

By / — WordPress 4.1 has been a long-awaited release for theme developers. Not only does this version ship with the awesome Twenty … Continue reading → More →

When to Use WordPress: The Flowchart

By / — WordPress is fantastic for some things, overkill for others, and poorly suited for still others. More →

Why I Back Post Status

By / — If you’ve been around the WordPress journalism / blogosphere / whatever-you-want-to-call-it enough, then you’ve likely seen the rise and fall of several news sites. Some of them were great and then went completely dark; others have been slowly going on the… More →

WooCommerce Photography

By / — Humans love many things and one of them is photography. Perhaps it’s because photos are so inextricably linked to the way in which we immortalise moments and capture special times (or these days, help us craft our online personas!). Whatever they… More →

WooCommerce Product Options and Inventory Settings Tutorial

By / — These settings allow you to set some global product options and inventory control notices. In this tutorial you will learn about assigning which page is your product archive or shop page and how and what it will display, setting your product… More →

WooCommerce is going after photography

By / — WooThemes announced a new product today, aimed at selling photography with WooCommerce. This is a good first step, and I'm excited to see an eCommerce product target the photography super-niche. That said, there is a ton of room in this market,… More →