WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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7 Most Expensive Premium WordPress Themes and Why They’re Worth It

By / — Do you want to know what are the most expensive WordPress themes in the market? This was an odd but fun article requests we got from one of WPBeginner’ readers. The premium WordPress theme market is flooded with great products… More →

Agenda for January 28th Support Meeting

By / — This meeting will be held at a NEW TIME: 16:00 UTC More specifically, how do we feel at this hour? Global Contributor Drive (January 30/31), final updates. Ratify Support Admin and Moderator Expectations, we will vote to publish the wording… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on January 27th

By / — Hey everyone, Here’s a short agenda for the chat this week. Add anything you’d like to discuss in the comments below Locale stats Tech update Let’s talk communication – how to address plugin author and translation contributor requests on the… More →

Being More Efficient with Email

By / — Becoming more efficient with email is one of those things I think many of us who spend the majority of our day aim to do. The ironic part of is we all complain about the amount of email we have… More →

Catch Up with the Latest WordPress News

By / — Have you been looking for a weekly curation of the most important WordPress news? We have a weekly newsletter we send out every Wednesday that we’ve now started putting together via content curation from the WP News Desk website, your… More →

Core Dev chat notes for Jan 27

By / — Announcements Extending the Feature Plugin decision and merge deadline by one week, taking them to Feb 10 and 17, respectively. This does not affect the rest of the release schedule, and betas, RC, and release are all the same dates. This… More →

Develop Amazing WordPress Sites On WP Engine

By / — WP Engine’s WordPress development platform saves you time, helps you scale your business, and makes you more money. But how do you get started? DOWNLOAD OUR DEVELOPER GETTING STARTED GUIDE NOW To give you a head start, we put together… More →

Feature Plugin chat notes for Jan 26

By / — Agenda Review the feature plugins for status updates from leads Open floor for feature plugin proposal Feature Plugin Updates Background Image Cropper: @celloexpressions asked for feedback for the Background Image Cropper. Current thinking is this is better explored as a standard enhancement for core.… More →

First WordPress Meetup in Karachi Draws 125 Attendees

By / — The WordPress community in Karachi, Pakistan held its first meetup last weekend led by Waseem Abbas. The gathering drew 125 attendees and organizers have been receiving positive reviews and feedback. The meetup featured two sessions, one on “WordPress Security” by… More →

How to Write an Opinion Post – BobWP

By / — Some bloggers are afraid that if they write an opinion post, they will alienate their readers. Of course, if you choose a contentious topic that divides your readership and makes some people feel defensive about their own views, you just… More →

How to use the Button Element to improve Accessibility

By / — If you’ve been struggling to make your code more accessible, check out Rachivee’s great tutorial on how to use Buttons in HTML. While at first buttons might appear to be a trivial matter of semantics, using them in the right… More →

Jupiter Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme Review

By / — Whether you're new to WordPress or you've been around since the days of the Kubrick theme, it's likely you've found yourself overwhelmed at times with the vast array of available themes. In this post I'll be reviewing the Jupiter -… More →

Managing a growing blog: technical SEO

By / — As a blog starts growing, you’ll need to do more things to keep the technical aspects of your SEO covered. The first thing you should do, whether your blog is big or small, is installing our Yoast SEO plugin. That pretty much covers… More →

Migrating Tumblr to WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

By / — Tumblr is one of the most popular free blogging platforms available on the web. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who needs a fast and easy solution for a personal blog or even a simple business website, but over time,… More →

Notes from the Polyglots chat on Jan 27th

By / — Locale stats Releases: 158 locales. 56 locales up to date. 2 locales behind by minor versions. (#lv, #te)  11 locales behind by one major version.(#vi, #tl, #es_VE, #sl_SI, #gd, #fa_IR, #ka_GE,#cs_CZ, #bs_BA, #bn_BD,#hy) 19 locales behind more than one major version. 55 locales… More →

PB Sandwich: A New Free Lightweight Front-End Page Builder WordPress Plugin

By / — Page Builder Sandwich is a new light-weight and free Page Building plugin for WordPress. It is designed to work with any WordPress theme and has been tested “with lot of themes including themes from the WordPress.org theme repository, Genesis Themes,… More →

Representation of Code

By / — We are (not) Spock. More →

Shiny Updates v2

By / — What is Shiny Updates? With the stated goal of “Hiding the The Bleak Screen of Sadness”, the shiny updates team is working on bringing a smoother experience for managing plugins and themes to WordPress. Shiny Updates v2 is an effort… More →

The Two Factor Plugin is currently on a…

By / — The Two-Factor Plugin is currently on a brief hiatus, while we work on splitting off it’s Application Passwords feature into a smaller, solo feature plugin. https://github.com/georgestephanis/application-passwords/ Application Passwords was initially a sub-feature of Two-Factor Authentication, but due to the fact… More →

Tips for Stress-Free Communication With Your Freelance Clients

By / — If starting a new project fills you with dread, fear not! We've put together a collection of tips and tricks that make communicating your way through stress-free project processes a snap. More →

Week in Core, Jan. 19-26 2016

By / — Welcome back to the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes from January 19th – January 26th, 2016, changesets [36351-36406]. Here are the highlights: 55 commits 44 contributors with props 99 tickets created 10 tickets reopened 86 tickets closed… More →