WordPress News Digest for Friday, February 27, 2015

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15 Best WordPress Courses to Hone Your Craft

By / — How would you rate your WordPress knowledge? Are you a beginner? Intermediate? Jedi Knight? It turns out everyone has to start somewhere with WordPress, and luckily there are tons of options to choose from if you are interested in WordPress courses.… More →

5 Reasons to Prefer GraphicStock to Other Stock Media Sites

By / — Have you heard about GraphicStock? Well, if you have ever thought of getting rid of usual media stock site and using another one to get images, you would be familiar with GraphicStock, which is a popular choice of professionals! Also,… More →

5 WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Bloggers and Freelancers

By / — If you’re a blogger or a creative freelancer, the rise in eCommerce transactions offers a great opportunity to monetize your blog and take advantage of your creative skills. If you have an established blog with a loyal audience, you can… More →

Aesop Story Engine and WordPress (Why Do We Reject Our Own Innovation?)

By / — For some time now, I’ve been a big fan of using WordPress for web application development, but I think that developers actually embracing the CMS (let alone seeing the CMS) as a foundation for something like that is still a couple of… More →

Clean Up WordPress with the New WP-Sweep Plugin

By / — After years of creating new content, changing themes, and adding and removing plugins, a WordPress installation can become littered with unused, orphaned, and duplicated data. Not every plugin properly extricates itself and its data from your site when you uninstall.… More →

Create an Epic Food Blog with These WordPress Themes and Plugins

By / — Would you like to start a blog about food? If so, find out which themes and plugins to use to help you create en epic WordPress food blog. By choosing the right theme and plugin you can ensure your food… More →

How To Add Products To WooCommerce Tutorial

By / — There are various kinds of products that you can add to your online store. In this tutorial you will about the basics of adding a product and how to define the different types of products you add to your store. You will also… More →

How To Succeed As A WordPress Developer – Interview With David Rashty Of CreativeMinds

By / — The WordPress community is full of fantastic people doing fantastic things—among them bloggers, volunteers and entrepreneurs. I recently had a… The post How To Succeed As A WordPress Developer – Interview With David Rashty Of CreativeMinds appeared first on Best… More →

How to Moderate New User Registrations in WordPress

By / — Allowing users to register on your WordPress site can open the door for spam user registrations. While you can fight spam user registrations just like comment spam, wouldn’t it be better if you could just moderate user registrations like comments?… More →

If Freelance Developers Wrote Online Personals

By / — Sometimes, a good client can be hard to find. If you’re struggling with that right now, you’re not alone: this week’s article over at the Press Up blog may look familiar! More →

Mailbag: Being Rejected Is Good

By / — You lose more than you win, and losing hurts worse than winning feels good. More →

Next Shortcake (Shortcode UI) discussion: Monday, March 2nd

By / — What: Let’s chat about Shortcake (Shortcode UI), a proposed feature plugin that’s currently midway through its development cycle. Why: Shortcake is nearing a v0.2.0 release (see all issues). We’d like to discuss where it’s at, and where we want to go with it… More →

RadicalResearch HSTS Super Cookies

By / — Websites could use a security feature of your iOS device to track your browsing even if you clear the browser history. RadicalResearch HSTS Super Cookies Original Article: RadicalResearch HSTS Super Cookies Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and… More →

Ratings Rebuilt

By / — Did your ratings suddenly change dramatically? Hopefully not, but if they did, it’s because the ratings for all plugins were recently reset and rebuilt earlier this week. All ratings now correspond exactly with existing, non-deleted, reviews. As Otto put it:… More →

The 11 Best Code Editors Available in 2015

By / — I recently found myself looking for a new text editor for web development. I’m new to development but I wanted to have a tool that I could become familiar with and “grow into” as I improved. Which would doubtless result… More →

This week’s a little late meeting notes We…

By / — This week’s (a little late) meeting notes We met on Tuesday for our weekly meeting. This is every week at 18:00 UTC. You can find this week’s archive here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1424800773003737 Notes: @obenland came into talk about the theme directory which… More →

Weekly WordPress News: New Page Builders, Lots of Envato & My New Theme

By / — In the last week or so there were two new WordPress site builders released which gathered quite a bit of attention. The first, by Obox, called Layers looks the most promising. It’s free to download and use, I’m assuming they… More →

What Developers Need to Know About Theme Design

By / — Making a theme is really exciting. It’s a great way to practice your coding skills. It could be a good … Continue reading → More →

WordPress Theme Directory Launches New Design

By / — The new design for the official WordPress Theme Directory is live today. Contributors on the WordPress Meta team released a preview of the design in early January and worked quickly over the past month to resolve any outstanding issues related… More →

WordPress Theme Review Handbook Updated to Include Design Recommendations

By / — The new design of the WordPress Theme Directory is a welcome change on WordPress.org. Faster browsing and filtering means users can more easily sort through the thousands of available options. While the directory includes many beautiful, high quality themes, it… More →