WordPress News Digest for Sunday, July 27, 2014

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24 Quotes From YWP

By / — 24 Quotes On The Future Of Business And Work, From ‘The Year Without Pants’. More →

Creating Advanced HTML Tables In WordPress Using Plugins

By / — Tables remain the most practical way of displaying large amounts of information to visitors. Unfortunately, creating tables manually using HTML and CSS is unnecessarily time consuming. Thankfully, there are a number of good WordPress plugin solutions that let you quickly… More →

Hello everyone we have just finished the translation…

By / — Hello everyone, we have just finished the translation of Rosetta for Rohingya language. But http://rhg.wordpress.org/ is showing still in English while it should be in Rohingya language. Are there any further more steps to accomplish the translation of Rosetta? More →

How to Quickly Remove WordPress Widget Titles

By / — Recently, I was adding widgets to the footer of a WordPress site I was putting together and the widget titles just didn’t look right with the theme. The Twitter widget I was using didn’t need a title – it was obviously displaying… More →

Lake Union

By / More →

Walking Through my Childhood

By / — My parents still live in the same house in Seattle that I was raised in. I’m in town visiting them this week and this morning took a walk through the neighborhood. Lots of things haven’t changed much in the last… More →