WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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Envato Hosted Managed WordPress Hosting Review

By / — Today I’m going to review a very particular service which is offered by a giant in the WordPress business. I’m… The post Envato Hosted Managed WordPress Hosting Review appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Meeting notes for 2017 September 26

By / — Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives. Items discussed: New team leads. @rabmalin and @thinkupthemes have been chosen by current leads to be the next team leads. Current team leads will be stepping down… More →

What’s new in Gutenberg 27th September

By / — 1.2 (and 1.2.1) 🦄: Resolve block conflicts when editing a block post in the classic editor. Gutenberg’s strict content validation has helped identify formatting incompatibilities, and continued improvements are planned for future releases. Add word and block count to table of contents.… More →

WP Engine Summit 2017: A Preview

By / — Today, WP Engine kicks off our 2017 Summit featuring some of the best digital minds in the WordPress community and beyond. Over 100+ leaders from various brands will meet to discuss the future of digital experiences on OpenSource WordPress. This… More →

Announcing The Divi Design Initiative: World Class Divi Layouts And Original Photos For Free, Every Week!

By / — Free Divi Layout Packs, Free Photos,No Restrictions We are bringing insane value to the Elegant Themes membership by providing Divi users with beautiful and free Divi layouts, photos and resources. Today is an exciting day for me because I get… More →

Reviewing JavaScript functions

By / — This morning, I’ve been reviewing JavaScript functions. The entire Mozilla JavaScript guide is a blessing. It’s easy to read with good examples. ∞ The post Reviewing JavaScript functions appeared first on Justin Tadlock. More →

JavaScript chat summary for Sept. 26th

By / — Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack transcript): This week’s meeting was focused around the role of a JavaScript framework in WordPress. The meeting was attended by many guests to the conversation, speaking… More →

Automattic is the New GoDaddy

By / — Remember a few years back how everyone hated GoDaddy not for product reasons, but because the company offered a horrible user experience filled with spammy upsells? A hat tip to Brian Krogsgard for alerting me to what you see when… More →

Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 8.5

By / — WordPress for iOS version 8.5 beta is available for testing on TestFlight. Not part of the beta program yet? Please sign up for our TestFlight program to request to join as a beta tester. What to Test: 1. General improvements Jetpack… More →

How to Disable Unwanted Widgets in WordPress

By / — Do you want to disable unused widgets in WordPress? The widgets screen in WordPress shows you all the widgets that you can add to your theme. The problem is that too many widgets clutter the screen, and you may not… More →

The Best Learning Management Systems in Higher Education

By / — Like many industries and institutions before it, higher education has seen an explosion in technical innovations and solutions in recent […] The post The Best Learning Management Systems in Higher Education appeared first on Pagely®. More →

7 Top Quality Appointments and Bookings Plugins for WordPress

By / — Reservation systems are popular with hospitality-type businesses like hotels and restaurants, but they’re not the only ones who would benefit from them. Any business model that relies on filling seats, meeting with clients and team members, or conducting assessments would… More →

SEO for non-profits

By / — SEO is important for every website that wants to attract traffic. SEO for non-profits, in that regard, isn’t that different from SEO for other businesses. For non-profits -often struggling to make ends meet- it can be a cheap and effective… More →

Global WordPress Translation Day 3

By / — On September 30 2017, the WordPress Polyglots Team – whose mission is to translate WordPress into as many languages as possible – will hold its third Global WordPress Translation Day, a 24-hour, round-the-clock, digital and physical global marathon dedicated to… More →

6 Best Examples of Content Aggregator Websites That Rock

By / — Content aggregator websites are certainly something that you’ve run into at least a few times in your life on the web. But when it comes time to think about examples of content aggregator websites, your mind might be going blank.… More →

Insights Into Starting and Running a Video Tutorial Online Membership Site – BobWP

By / — In today's show Shawn tells us why he started WP101, and insights on updating content, lifetime subscriptions, building partnerships and the WordPress education space online. More →

Agenda for September 28th Support Meeting

By / — General announcements WordPress 4.8.2 – What’s popping up Checking in with international liaisons Time permitting: Open floor For any other items to discuss please add them in the comments below, or bring them up in the meeting. The meeting will… More →

Dev Chat Agenda for September 27th (4.9 week 9)

By / — This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on / September 27, 2017 at 20:00 UTC: 4.9 schedule Feature projects merge deadline today Beta 1 deadline for Enhancements and feature requests next Wednesday General announcements If you have anything to… More →