WordPress News Digest for Monday, October 27, 2014

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12 WordPress PayPal Plugins That Make Accepting Payments Easy

By / — There are a ton of reasons why you’d want to be capable of accepting payments through your website. Maybe you run an online store and need to process orders? Maybe you want to accept donations for a worthy cause. Or… More →

7 Unfailing Strategies to Build a Bigger WordPress Brand

By / — Brand building in the WordPress market isn't always easy to do in competitive theme and plugin niches. But here are 7 strategies to help you do just that. More →

A Day In The Life of A WordPress Developer – Freelance Developer Bill Erickson

By / — Many of us who love WordPress, and know how to use it, sometimes catch ourselves wondering what it would be… The post A Day In The Life of A WordPress Developer – Freelance Developer Bill Erickson appeared first on Best… More →

Add Custom Meta To Taxonomies

By / — In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can add additional data to your taxonomies. WordPress comes with the ability to add meta data onto both the posts and user objects. These are stored in separate tables such… More →

Adding Some WooCommerce Goodness to the Admin Bar

By / — If you use WooCommerce, and are constantly in the dashboard wooing around, a few shortcuts in your admin bar might be just the thing you need. The WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition plugin adds a whole new menu that not only gives you… More →

Creating Custom Page Templates in WordPress

By / — Page templates in WordPress are a great way to add structural variations or highly customized functionality to your website. They are easy to create so newcomers can get started, but they offer enough potential to keep even seasoned professionals busy. You… More →

Easy Opt-ins For Mailchimp Makes Building Opt-in Forms Super Fast and Simple

By / — One thing that we’ve learned while building Easy Pricing Tables is that users love products that make complicated tasks easy. Lots of people we’ve talked to were frustrated by how difficult it was to integrate email marketing tools such as… More →

Free and Premium Options for Cloning and Duplicating a WordPress Website

By / — Making a copy of a WordPress website, and then installing it at another location might sound like a complicated task. However, this isn’t the case and there are some great tools out there which make the job a lot easier… More →

How to Add Emoji Support to Your WordPress Blog

By / — Emojis are fun and cute. They allow you to express yourself without using too many words. This is why they’re so popular on social media sites and texting apps. Many WordPress users are looking for ways to add Emoji support… More →

Image Flow Update 26th October – WordCamp SF Update

By / — We’ve had an exciting 72 hours (ish) in San Francisco, and not just because WordCamp SF was such a well run, fun and inspiring event. As folks from the team began arriving and looking over our finished wireframes on Invision… More →

Monarch Social Plugin Review: Spice Up Your Social Sharing

By / — Monarch is a WordPress Plugin that will completely change how you set up social sharing on your website. It’s the latest offering from the Elegant Themes team and boasts a range of features that turns the business of social into… More →

On Medical Leave

By / — About a month ago I made the decision to take a medical leave of absence from Crowd Favorite. My goal is for this to be a relatively brief hiatus. I love our team and can’t wait to get back to… More →

The 2014 “State of the Word”

By / — At the just-concluded 2014 WordCamp San Francisco, WordCamp founder Matt Mullenweg delivered this year’s “State of the Word.” Themes included internationalization, mobile-compatibility, and—what’s really welcome news—some changes aimed specifically at developers and contributors, including Git integration and Slack group-chat to… More →

The Planned Obsolescence of WordPress Themes

By / — Last week, I shared a few thoughts on how I think that major updates to an existing WordPress theme are actually more analogous to a new product rather than an update of the existing product. That is, if a theme… More →

The Ultimate Guide to Using Pop Ups with WordPress

By / — If you want to build a successful website, user experience is fundamental. As well as great content, you need eye-catching web design and a site that works properly — including quick load times. However, there is […] The post The Ultimate… More →

Toward a Complete JavaScript API for the Customizer

By / — The Customizer is the first true JS-driven feature in core. That’s awesome, especially coming out of WCSF where JavaScript has been highlighted so prominently between Backbone.js, the WP REST API, Node.js, and socket.io. The Customizer has a great architecture with models for settings, controls,… More →

We organised a WordCamp – you won’t believe what happened next!

By / — Organising a WordCamp is a wild ride – if you’ve ever done it before you’ll know just how much work goes into it and you will no doubt have some great personal experience with last minute changes, unreliable suppliers and… More →

Why I Like Font Icons

By / — I really do love Font Icons, and here's why I do and how I use them and how you can too. More →

WordPress notifications not working with Office 365 – and the magic fix!

By / — The Problem: All of a sudden, WordPress notifications (and Gravity Forms notifications as well) weren’t working from our client’s site. It turns out that WordPress admin notifications stopped working when they switched over to Office365. To try and solve the… More →