WordPress News Digest for Thursday, November 27, 2014

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A very Black Friday (and weekend and Monday)

By / — This year for Black Friday we’re doing something a little different… The more you spend the more you save with our sitewide Sliding Discounts and we’ve created three buck-saving Bundles. These offers will be live until 12am PST on Monday 1 December as a second wave… More →

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: Seperating Bots from Humans

By / — Spam, one of the biggest issues with any WordPress site. So much so that Automattic even include the Akismet plugin with every WordPress file. But is Akismet really the best option? Yes it's the most downloaded WordPress plugin. Yes it's effective in stopping… More →

Concatenate Assets Instead of Loading Conditionally

By / — One of the most popular suggestions for improving website performance that I often see in the WordPress world goes something like this: Enqueue only the CSS and Javascript necessary for the particular post or page. For example, load styles for… More →

Creating WordPress Theme Options With the Theme Customization API

By / — The WordPress Theme Customization API was released with WordPress 3.4, back in 2012. It promised developers a standardized way of adding rich options themes, and users a way of tweaking their website in a, well, user-friendly fashion. For users, the… More →

Email Spell Check

By / — I kind of want spell check for emails I receive, not just ones I send. Also someone needs to make a Ubiquiti server hosting service. More →

Global group meeting We had a meeting today…

By / — Global group meeting We had a meeting today about theme reviews globally. Archive: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1417082447003953 Event promotion. Promoting events as they come up. Includes WordCamps, Contribution Days and causal get togethers for reviewing. Country event reporting. This is being done through… More →

Happy Thanksgiving!

By / — We’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the United States, so I’m taking a day off of the typical routine. For those who are also celebrating the holiday, I hope you have a great day hanging out with friends and family and… More →

How to Add a Custom Logo to Your WordPress Site

By / — It seems simple, but there are so many ways to do it: How do you add a custom logo to your WordPress site? It really depends on the theme you choose when it comes to uploading an image on your… More →

Instagram: “Bill” the turkey has been in the smoker for 17 hours, but didn’t quite make it to 180F deg. So we’re moving him to the oven to finish up. #turkey #noms #thanksgiving #food #smoker #moblog

By / — Original Article: Instagram: “Bill” the turkey has been in the smoker for 17 hours, but didn’t quite make it to 180F deg. So we’re moving him to the oven to finish up. #turkey #noms #thanksgiving #food #smoker #moblog Dougal Campbell's… More →

Nearly 10,000 downloads for Storefront in week one

By / — We don’t plan to do this every week but thought it would be nice to roundup what’s happened in the seven days since we launched Storefront, our free WooCommerce theme. Overall reception has been really positive, in the comments on… More →

Notes from the Polyglots meetings Nov 26th & Nov 27th

By / — Notes from the Polyglots meetings Nov 26th & Nov 27th Here you´ll find the notes from the last #polyglots weekly chat meeting Agenda Agenda for the Polyglots chats Nov 26/27 by @petya and @CoachBirgit Slack Chat Archive Nov, 25th – Wednesday… More →

Seven Week Giveaway and 50% Off Sale at TemplateMonster

By / — It is that time of the year when we're waiting for holidays, gifts, and something like that. But a holiday season can also bring additional benefits such as promotions, discounts, etc. And today we'd like to tell you about the… More →

Thanksgiving Deals: WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales & Coupon Codes

By / — Hi there and welcome to our annual Thanksgiving deals post! Every year the WordPress world fully embraces these holidays by giving big discounts off their pricing so if you have been waiting for a specific theme or plugin, now is… More →

The Evolution of WordPress Drag & Drop Systems

By / — Way back when, we didn’t have these fancy drag and drop systems. If you wanted to move something from one side of the screen to another you had to go into FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or whatever you were using to create… More →

Things the WordPress community is thankful for this year

By / — In the WordPress ecosystem, we find ourselves surrounded by a great community, full of helpful people and technology that keeps getting better and better each year. Whether you’ve just started preparing your Turducken, or you are […] The post Things the… More →

What does it mean when when any project…

By / — What does it mean when when any project is not tagged “Active” ? i.e. at – https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/ The project “Continent and Cities” is not marked as Active. Should translators not translate it ? More →

WordCamp Maui, HI Set For February 13-14th, 2015

By / — The first WordCamp in Hawaii since 2008 is set to take place February 13-14th, 2015 in Maui. Unlike the event in 2008 where WordPress was a track inside of a Podcamp, WordPress will take center stage. If you’re interested in… More →

WordPress Admin Bar User Switching

By / — For a while now I have been using the excellent user switching plugin from John Blackbourn to easily switch between user accounts in WordPress. I have extended the plugin to produce Admin Bar User Switching. User Switching provides an easy Switch… More →